2 Minute Book Review: Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan

10/06/2018 04:28:00 PM

Book: Tell Me More: Stories about the 12 Hardest Things I'm Learning to Say
Author: Kelly Corrigan

I was listening to a podcast from Jen Hatmaker (from her "For the love of Books" series) and she was chatting with Kelly Corrigan and I thought, "Man. I really like her."

She was just so... normal. And likeable.

She talks about how notoriously cheap she is. How she ordered clothes online and they were TOO small and she had to CUT HERSELF out of the top. She was just ...real.

So, I bought her most recent book.

I cried.
I nodded.
And I laughed through it.

Each chapter is written around a phrase, something that Kelly is learning to say:

"I was wrong" (This is a hard one...)

"It's Like This" (The one... it moved me.)

"I don't know"




There were pearls that I tucked into my heart, like this quote about her Mom:

"Very few people I’ve known are able to set themselves free the way my mother has. Liberated by the simple act of saying no—which I submit is impressive for any woman, and downright radical for one raised in the Nice’n Easy generation—my mom had always been able to find outs where others could not. Looking back, I think it came down to her impressive willingness to be disliked and her utterly unromantic position that people should take serious—if not total—responsibility for their own happiness."

Love that.

And this description of her friend,

"...I appreciated her style immediately; anyone would. She inhabited herself with ease."

Oh man, "she inhabited herself with ease..."

That's everything.

This is a good one, ya'll

Quote that stuck out to me:

"Little noes prepare us for the big noes that define the major movements of our lives."

IT'S OK TO SAY NO, friends.

Kelly's book reads like a story; a conversation with a friend.

Read it. Book here*.  (And please let me know what you think!

(It's a quick one, too.)


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