Top 5 Things You Need to Know (this week)

1. As it turns out, Lionel Richie's closet is amazing. You'll want to see it. (Coveteur)

2. Boys' and girls' confidence are right on par... until tween-ness hits. Read this if you are a mom of girls. "How Puberty Kills Girls' Confidence." (The Atlantic)

3. If you're a reader, Jen Hatmaker's For The Love of Books podcast series is a must. SO MANY GREAT AUTHORS. Subscribe now. Follow her on instagram, too. She breathes life.

4. This bag showed up at my house. It's amazing. (Worth the wait. Thanks, husband.) I got it cognac and it's next expected ship date is October 15th. Move quickly, friends. (ABLE.)

5. If you want to start auditing your screen time, or feel a wee bit barfy by seeing just how much time you spend on your phone, start using the Screen Time feature on your iphone. (Wired)


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