Must Bake, Must Eat: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

9/11/2018 08:06:00 AM

This recipe is delicious and yep - I made it gluten free just by using Bob's Red Mill GF One to One Baking flour. (I know there are other flours that are more amazing, but it's what I had on hand.)

Ya'll. So good. These cookies do all the things that chocolate chip cookies should do/be:

1.) They rise.
2.) They're still chewy.
3.) They're delish.

Find the recipe at my dear friend's blog, Melanie Jeanne. (Her pics are AMAZING. She's so good at making life pretty.)

Print it out. Make 'em with your kids.

They're sooooo ridiculously good.

(I had to give half of them away.)

💡 Idea: Maybe FREEZE the cookies in ball-form and then just pop them in the oven as necessary?


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