2018 Emmy Red Carpet Fashion Recap

Happy Award Show season, friends! 
(This is my football season.)

It's been a minute and I'm so excited to be writing these again.

I'll be honest though - these gowns tonight were... boring.

So, bear with me. (We're friends. Sometimes you have to take one for the team and just keep reading.)

I guess this is what we have to expect when they move the awards ceremony to a Monday.

First off, WHY WERE THE EMMYS on a Monday?
I know that they're not overwhelmingly exciting, you know, since they're the TV awards, but seriously?

A Monday?

Let's get this party started.

Maybe not with these two, though. They're definitely not setting the right tone...

Straight up joy.

However, Scarlett Johnasson looks lovely in this Balmain gown. I like it.

I don't hate it.

I don't love it.

This is Elisa Perry.

It's pretty. I just don't love it.

Very cake-like. And it's too long.

I am in LOVE with Claire Foy's Calvin Klein gown.

I ADORE the simplicity. I adore the bow.

I love her styling and her black shoes and her red lip.


YES to all of this.

 I think that Hannah Zeile looks so nervous, but so pretty. Age appropriate.

This is what I expect Penelope Cruz to wear.

It's Chanel and it looks like what Disney's Elsa would wear to the Emmy's.

So yeah, it's fine.

Next, flawless.

I mean, who can WEAR this. 
Vanessa Kirby is wearing Tom Ford and I'm prettttttty sure she's flawless.

She's literally wearing a birthday suit dress and it fits like a glove.

(Werk it, friend.)

So there was a lot of yellow.

I think there was too much yellow.

I don't love yellow.

(Although, if I had to choose, I'd go with Angela from Who's the Boss for the win.)

I thought Alexis Bledel looked LOVELY in this Delpozo gown.

It's whimsical and sweet and there are butterflies. (Mariah Carey will be busting out of this next... wait and see.)

I love the blush color.

("My colors are blush and bashful..."
"Her colors are pink and pink...")

Name that movie and we can be friends.


Regina King's arm...


This Christian Siriano gown is stunning.


When Lila (my nine-year-old daughter) and I were looking through the photos - she loved Allison Janney's gown.

I'll be honest, I was thrilled. I mean, all of her parts are covered up. Yay, Lila! #raisingHerRight

I think this color looks fantastic on her.

And, I like the cape.

Lila's second choice was Thandie Newton.

I agree. This is gorgeous. BUT I HATE halters. Especially ones that drag on the floor.


I'll pass on this one.

I think Tracee Ellis Ross really liked her Valentino gown but it looks like a puffalump to me.

I kind of hate it.

I bet you can hear it when she walks.

I can't.

Yara Shahidi is a gorgeous young woman. However, I feel that this gown is wearing her.

That flower looks like an internal organ bursting out of her abdomen.

It's kind of gross.

No one wants to wear a hernia.


How do you even walk with this?


Neon green + black? I had bikershorts like this.

Leslie Jones is everything.

I love this Christian Siriano suit.

She looks great.

Would I wear this, though?

Not even on Easter.

I would, however, wear this on Easter.

I won't say anything about minors.

Millie Bobby Brown is a doll.

Ellie Kemper looks stunning in this J. Mendel gown.

I love this. Ideal with her skin tone.

Aidy Bryant looks so pretty, too. I would wear that in a hot-second.

I love it.

I am SO TIRED of these cut-out gowns.


And this is Lila's favorite gown of the evening, and I agree with her 100%.

This Christian Soriano gown is perfection.

This was not astounding.


This was meh.


Ya'll KNOW I love a print / pattern...

...but, I do not like this.

Best hair award: Felicity Huffman





This actually makes me kind of angry.

Ok, let's review the funny women.

No one here knocked it out of the park

(I will be honest, though... Tina Fey looked great, but it was that belt that I cannot stand behind...)

Maya Rudolph is amazing.




Truth? I think this is so pretty.

I NEED THIS dress.

I love it.

I do not need this dress.

Unless I play the namesake's role in Snow White.

Which I don't see happening.

So, yeah, pass. I'm going to pass on this one.

I loved the gown and the purple accessories. Chrissy looked so pretty.

The other Chrissy (and John) looked great, too.

She cracks me up.

I just can't handle that neck thing, though.

So, yes, this is Megan Mullaly but the truth is just discovered Megan's husband, Nick Offerman and I'm LOVE with him. (Yes, I know that I'm like 10 years later to Parks and Rec. I've been living in Mexico.)

He's great.

Michelle Dockery looked lovely. It was so nice to see her in something other than black.


And she wears bangs well.

(Or do the British call them "fringe?")

Beautiful. Boring.

This is ill-fitting. It appears to be falling off of her. I don't like it.


I am in LOVE with this cascade of ruffles.

It's just the color I can't get past.

Poppy Delevingne's gown was awesome... if it were a different color.


Sandra Oh's gown is so great.

(Did you see her parents? SO CUTE.)

Too much.

I love Carrie Brownstein's gown.


I wish J.Crew would carry this in their Summer 2019 colection and I could buy it.

My favorite couple. Easy.

Sterling K. Brown and his lovely wife, Michelle Bathe.

They're everything.

That thing on her shoulder?


That swoosh in her hair? I'm all over it.

All of this is great.

My worst dressed. I'm sorry. But this is just sad. 

Susan Kelechi Watson disappointed me.

This is terrible.

The suit just doesn't FIT.

This is sad.

Who did this to her?

I know it was a Monday, but this is not brunch.

I have FOUR favorites. Yep. Four.

First, I thought Mandy Moore looked AMAZING. From head to toe.

Secondly, I loved Taraji P. Henson's gown. STUNNING.

It's a ruffle-y, cape-y, flower-y gown and I think it's FUN.

Thirdly, OF COURSE Jessica Biel looks amazing. She's winning life. (The only person who might be winning more than her in life is Blake Lively.)

She looks amazing,.

I adore the ruffle and the shape of this gown.

MY FAVORITE look of the evening:

Kristen Bell.

I think parrrrrt of the reason I loved this Solace London gown is because I'm 5' 3" and I don't ever see me wearing anything this sleek and lovely. So, I am living vicariously through her.

But man, I like her and I love this.


What did you think?


  1. The movie quote, Steel Magnolias, one of my favorite movies EVER! So many pant suit numbers, and you're right so many did not fit correctly! I did LOVE that black sparking Christian Siriano number, that looked like a holiday Barbie dress! I also agree about Kristen Bell, WOW!!! The yellow numbers, oh my!

    1. You're so right - it DID look like a holiday Barbie gown. Totally.


  2. "No one should wear a hernia." That had me rolling. Mandy Moore was perfect. And I also thought Tina Fey looked incredible. I also enjoyed Taraji's dress, I love when people go an extra step to make it fashion. She went just far enough. And I also really liked the top of Sandra Oh's gown, it sparkled so lovely on tv. I just can't with Jessica Biel, I can not abide her. Her dress was nice and all but that's where it ends for me. I saw her clapping during the show and it was upsetting. It was such a dumb clap. She cannot do right with me.

    1. I'm laughing out loud.

      A.) I appreciate that you enjoyed my hernia line. I also laughed at that. Read it to Craig. And laughed again.
      C.) So I take you haven't been watching The Sinner?


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