To the husband on his birthday.

8/23/2018 08:33:00 AM

Craig, because of you, I can't relate.

I can't.

I can't relate to the people who complain about how their partners don't pick the kids up from school, or fold the towels, or make the dinner, or cut the fingernails, or listen to rambling stories upon stories from talkative little ones.

I can't relate to the people who don't do the bedtime routine or check the kids' teeth after they "brushed" them or have no idea where the backpacks are or what Calico Critters are.

I can't relate to any of this because you are so in this life with me. And with them.

YOU are awesome.

I love when this day rolls around because we get to celebrate you.

Sweet man, you are so loved.

I am so thankful that you were born. We simply couldn't do this whole life thing without you. Of course I'm thankful for all of the things you do, but more importantly, I'm thankful for who you are and who you have been to me for the past 21 years. (Is it possible to love you more each day?)

You're a good man, Craig. (And you're so cute, too. As evidenced below.)

You're aging like a fine wine, guapo. (I don't know what that means. Perhaps you're smooth and oaky?)

I hope we laugh with one another for forever.

Happy, happy birthday, sweet man. I love you more than you'll ever know and I'm ever-so-grateful that you were born.


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