No-Spend September and the EMAIL app that you need to be using.

8/26/2018 07:47:00 PM

I spent too much money this summer.

Clarification: One could assert that perhaps I did too much shopping.

This is an annual predicament. We fly back to the States for six weeks each summer and I buy, for the whole family, for the whole year. (CABO SHOPPING IS HORRIFIC.)


This is the bungalow, our little house in Ohio. 

This is it the morning after we arrived.

It's not all exciting and sexy stuff, friends. It's vacuum cleaner filters (ooohhhhh) and school shoes and dresses and Invisalign & retainer cleaner.

How cute is Ferg?

My Disclaimer:

1. I buy when I'm in the States. Why? Because even though I can ship to my importer throughout the year – and I do, I have to pay a 22% (or is it $23%?) fee on each item that I bring in.

So, you would buy an item for $99 + $15 shipping, YOU pay $114 and it shows up to your house in a minute. I pay $136.77 and I have to wait 2 weeks to get it. It adds up, friends.


2. I hate in-store shopping. So, I buy it all and send it to my house, we try it on, then I send back what doesn't work. (I get airline points for almost every site that I buy from. I love the American Airlines e-shopping add-on for Chrome. Spend. Get airline miles. Boom. Here's the link to the add-on, if that one above isn't working.)

3. I like to online shop.

When I get to heaven, I strongly hope God doesn't tell me just how much time I've spent putting items in my cart. It will be embarrassing.


SEPTEMBER is my month to put a freeze on all spending. I usually implement a "Nope" rule for the girls from September through Christmas, but now it's my turn.

My "Nope" rule goes like this:

Scenario: at the grocery store

One of my daughters: "Can I have this ________?"

Me: "Nope."

Daughter(s): "Why not?"

Me: "Because a.) it's not in the budget and b.) I am not buying you anything until Christmas."

Daughter(s): [insert heavy, exasperated sigh.] "Ok."

After the second or third time, they don't even ask.

I like to wear them down in a similar manner in which they wear me down*.

*Yes, I love my children.


So, No-Spend September is my time to pull it back, stop with the online shopping so that I can do more of the stuff I *like* to do -- like writing this blog -- and talking to my family. And saving money.

Let's be honest: I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.

I don't *need* anything. And if I *need* something, taking 4 weeks to think about it, before purchasing it, is an exercise I'm excited to participate in.

MINDFUL living is where it's at, from what I understand.


Rules for No-Spend September:

Obviously grocery shopping is ok.
Buying more throw pillows is not.

So, one of the changes I've already made is to STOP looking at the standard-issue mail app on my iphone. Instead, I downloaded the gmail app to use with my personal email. (My gmail account is where my shopping emails are directed.)

The STANDARD mail app forces me to view the myriad of online shopping opportunities everyday as I scroll through my inbox.

WHAT? Everlane has a pair shoes I must get?
Peplum tops are on sale at Madewell?
GASP, SUMMER SANDALS are on clearance at Nordstrom?
It's the LAST DAY I CAN GET that t-shirt I want from ABLE?



Enough, Kylee.

Download the GMAIL APP, stat.

The app bundles all of my shopping emails in the "promotions" folder at the top of my iphone inbox. It's just like what you see when you log into the desktop version of gmail when you have the primary, social and promotions folder.

I love that I can still see what's IN that bundled promotions folder (top left below) without having to scroll through email upon email like I would do in my OLD inbox (see right below.)

I actually feel so much better that less shopping news is being hurled at me every second. Now, I can actually see what I want to see, when I want to see it.


THIS HAS SAVED ME SO much temptation and time.

Out of sight.

Out of mind.

This is how my home screen looks now.

OLD email = below left
My new PERSONAL inbox = below right

So, no shopping in September for me.

BUT, be on the lookout of a roundup post that shares my favorite things I bought and read this summer!

So, no-spend September. YOU IN?


  1. It is unbelievably convenient to shop in the States! We have a Cayman office and whenever I have coworkers from there coming up we start receiving packages in the office. This most recent dog food purchase I purchased on Amazon. All school supplies this year were purchased on Amazon (with my points so I ended up with a huge win on that!). The emails are what get me!!! LuLu's, a $7, $10 etc sale, yes please!

  2. Oh, this is always tough for us! Just coming out of summer we want to put a freeze on spending. But we get bombarded with stuff in the fall!. We have Henry's birthday and our Anniversary (we don't do gifts, but splurge on a really nice meal) in September, my mom and Terry's birthday's in October, plus this year I have my sister's Bachelorette party and one last family weekend in Sept and Oct, and of course I start Christmas shopping in September and October!! So it is always tough.

    BUT, we do put a freeze on the extra's. I am trying to not spend money on extra groceries, just what we NEED. No extra things. No movies. and, I am going to try no Starbucks....GASP. *crying ugly tears* We will see how that works....

    Good luck!!!

    1. Oh man. YOU DO have a lot coming up! I think a freeze on the extras is notable!


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