A Quiet Revolt.

7/27/2018 06:01:00 PM

We have been on "vacation" for 20 days.

I use the word "vacation" loosely, as our annual summer "vacation" is going back to the place where my husband and I were born to visit with family and friends, all the while trying to work. NOTE: I LOVE this trip. Sometimes Every time, it's just... complicated for a variety of first world reasons.

*AGAIN: I know I'm blessed and my life is not complain-able.

Bear with me, though.


We have a great little house in Ohio that we love.
It's a haven.
We get here and we just... breathe.

We bought it because it's just a few houses away from my daughters' grandparents, my husband's aunt and a collection of friends in between. They live on the riverfront. We can see the river from our place.

I can literally stand in my front yard and watch my girls ride their bikes to their grandparents' house. (While I type this from my dining room table I can watch the girls playing across the street with the same neighbor kiddos that they play with each year.)

And this community? It's where I grew up.

"Ohio, the backroads... oh I know Ohio... like the back of my hand..." (A little Over the Rhine for you, all.)

So this little space.

It's a little bungalow, filled with our favorite things, in soft hues of grey and off-white and black and gold (because Lila and I like fancy.)

It holds memories of our life pre-kids and pre-Cabo: the photography the husband took with a film-camera that he matted and framed, the box of legos I played with as a child, a storybook that once belonged at my Grandma's house that I loved thumbing through as a kid.

It's also got the dirty handprint of our children all over it.

Their stuff.

A rock someone found. A plastic spinny toy from Chick-fil-A from two years ago. Jump ropes. SIDEWALK CHALK everywhere. Books. Barbies from yesteryear. Crafts from everywhere we've ever gone in Toledo.

You know what I am talking about.


It's hard for me to keep it together when the kiddos stuff is everywhere.


A wise parent once said: "Vacation" with kids is just a "trip."


Another wise parent, assumedly a mom, also once said, "Vacation" just means going somewhere else and doing all the things you do at home, in a smaller space, without all the stuff you need."


I may be losing it.

Well, today I DID lose it. I screamed and then had to apologize to my kids.

I'm human.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not the first Mom who has lost it on "vacation."

Double amen?


As I attempt to work from home, visit friends and family, be present and do fun things and be a rockstar Mom and wife, I've decided to direct my efforts into a revolt.

It's a small effort, but one that gives me life.

The laundry.

Whilst in Ohio my children have REFUSED to turn their clothes right-side-out when they throw their dirty clothes in the hamper. (Ha! As if this just started happening while we were in Ohio.)

So, I wash and dry their clothes... and I fold them.

Inside out.

I will not turn the clothes right-side out.

I will not submit to their laziness.




Historically, large change and scalable movements were inspired by small uprisings, right?

It may be a small thing, but during this time of routine-change, I shall cling to this.

I will say nothing.

They probably won't notice...

...but I feel better already.

When life is a little out of control, it's imperative to take control of something... even if it's the laundry.


What's that?

Someone just called my name for the 820,735th time today.

Gotta go.

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