MET Gala Fashion Recap: Oh, the fashion!

I love the MET Gala Fashion. It's absolutely my favorite. Why?

1.) There's a theme.
2.) It's straight-up fashion. It's more than a pretty dress, it's passion and craft.
3.) It's outrageous.

For a paltry $30,000 per person, you can buy a ticket. Or, invite your besties and get a table for $275,000. My favorite part? It's a guestlist overseen by Anna Wintour. If she wants you there (Solange), you're there. If she doesn't want you there (Donald Trump), you are not.

This year's theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

From Vogue: "By placing fashion within “the broader context of religious artistic production” (like paintings and architecture), Costume Institute curator in charge Andrew Bolton, working alongside colleagues from the Met’s medieval department and the Cloisters, aims to show how “material Christianity” has helped form “the Catholic imagination.” The intersection of faith and fashion, the sacred and profane, as it were, has not always been easy—“complex and sometimes contested” is how Bolton characterizes the relationship—but the interplay between the two has inspired some awe-inspiring sartorial innovation.


Let's begin now.

There are the people who took the theme literally.

I understand. I would probably have fallen into the literal camp, too.

Like, Rihanna.

Who went as the pope...

Ya'll, I read that this gown took something like 600 hours to handbead.


Here's SJP wearing Dolce & Gabanna.

AND, I love it.

THIS is what you're supposed to wear.

This hat is no joke.

I would absolutely set that out for Christmas.

There were plenty of Pontiff-sytle sleeves.

I get it.

Bella Hadid rocked the little pope-coat.

Lily Collins, bless her heart, has so much going on.

But to me, she just looks like a really sad Statue of Liberty.

I get it, Lady Liberty. The U.S. be cray-cray *right now.

(*Apologies for using that term.)

More papal sadness.

This is legitamately strange.

It looks a lot like this elegant number found on PSG Vestments for $149.

I love this.

Jennifer Connelly is wearing Louis Vuitton and it's great.

Naomi Watts is wearing Michael Kors and, again, I love it.


And then there's this.

Jared Leto consistently appears to be unhinged.

Truth? I'm prettttttty sure he'd wear this Gucci ensemble any day of the week.

Lana Del Ray doesn't look cozy.

A bird on her head and an active stab wound.


*Truth? If Jared's vestment were a little wider I'd absolutely buy that as a table runner.

More pope shoulders.

She's like commandments on the top and cocktails on the bottom.

*Note to self, coin that phrase officially...

Laura Dern's gown is too short.

I LOVE and RESPECT Mindy Kaling.

I will say nothing disrespectful.

That's all.

Winnie Harlow is stunning.

I like the hat -- it's a modern, Frozen-inspired twist on the Pope hat. (Always a crowd pleaser.)

The rest? Eh, just a wedding gown left over from Kleinfeld's sample sale.

"Are you saying yes to the dress????"


What are the odds that both sported choppy "halos" and "red dresses"?


Time to let that stylist go, Amber and Anne.


Cara Delvigne in Dior is LOVELY.

I'm fairly certain that Lady Gaga already wore this, but no matter. Boom. Love it.

I cannot fathom wearing my underpants as an outfit ever, though.

Is it just me?

I mean...

She's a stunning stained glass window.

Diane Krueger's head game was strong.

Her train game was clearly just as strong.

 I think this is absolutely STUNNING.

Sure. Ok.

Joan Smalls looks fine. But this is more firecracker than catholicism/heavenly body for me.

Po-TAY-TOE, Pah-Tah-Toe.


Kate Bosworth is the Virgin Mary in this Oscar de la Renta ensemble.

I loooooove it.

I cannot stop staring at this.

Priyanka Chopra is GORGEOUS in this Ralph Lauren velvet gown.

EVERYTHING. From head to toe.

STUNNING. (Probably my best dressed.)

Rosie Huntington Whitely has a legit halo.


Sidebar: Why isn't Sienna Miller getting older?

No seriously.

Halp me understand this. Halp.

Remember when Solange hit Jay-Z in the elevator when they were at that one Met Gala?

Me too.

I think we all remember that and I think we all wish we had a friend/sister like Solange.

I want my tribe to be willing to throw down, on my behalf, no matter what they're wearing.

This doesn't look comfortable on land, but I'm a believer that in the pool is where it really shines.


Janelle Monae is very Liza Minnelli.

Jazz hands!

Kate Upton also opted to wear a lovely head-dress.

Her body dress is boring.

Ariana Grande wore the Sistine Chapel and cat ears.

You be you, beautiful girl.

(I adore this gown.)

Blake Lively for the WIN.

Black Lively for the LIFE win.

She's stunning. Her gown is perfect. And, Ryan Reynolds.

Game over.

Best dressed. Boom.

I adore this Dolce & Gabanna gown on Emilia Clarke.

It is perfection.

It sort of reminds me of a photo quit you can get on snapfish. Just Catholic-themed.

(This was me and blush before I started using Bare Minerals back in 2006 and learned how and where to apply bronzer and blush. In the "3" motion."

No. I don't still use Bare Minerals.)

And then there are the people who just didn't feel like participating in the set theme.

I.e. Party Poopers

Amal Clooney was the co-chair but she wore this?

I don't see the connection to the theme?

Someone? Anyone?

Nope. I don't love this.

This screams Greece.

However, there is a Greek Catholic Church, so... there you go.


P.S. I keep buying EVERYTHING this color this season.


Brooke Shields just said, "No."


I will not participate in the theme.

I'm wearing the blue dress.

That simple.

Cindy Crawford also formally opted out of being part of the theme.

But then again, it's "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" and this dress is both heavenly and her body leaves not much to the imagination.

AH, ok.

I see it.

Color-blocking isn't working for me right here, Claire Danes.

But may the record state, court stenographer, that I love red and fuschia together.

Dakota Fanning, please see my notes regarding the Greece-inspired attire above.

This makes me laugh out loud.


I hate this.

Tracee Ellis Ross dressed as... Oprah?

You get a car!

Make this pants and Johnny Depp would wear this any given Wednesday night.


She's so happy that she's not a Kardashian.

Look at that smile.

I love this.

I love the hair.

The shimmer.

The spin.

The sleeves.



What's that you asked?

No, of course I'd never wear that.

KATE MOSS maybe you should go ahead and PUT SOME EFFORT IN.

You're phoning it in with an LBD that I swear is at Kohl's right now.

WHILE it should be stated that I ADORE this Ralph Lauren number... i just don't understand how it's on-theme.


She's just as confused.

I'm kind of sick of the gold.

Truth? I was happy that her husband didn't attend.

Next, how is this possible?

Beautiful Versace [on the floor]. #BrunoMars4Ever

Shailene Woodley looks SO embarrassed.

Rightly so.

I look at these two and I honestly just see JOY.

There's such a zest for life in those eyes.


I hate this.

This is an angry gown.

Sarah Paulson in Prada is AMAZING.

I love this.

Though the neckline is choking me from over here.

People gave Scarlett Johansson guff for wearing a Marchesa gown. As we know, Georgina Chapman was (is?) married to the notorious (and despicable) Harvey Weinstein.

I believe a.) they're getting divorced and b.) that it's none of our business and that c.) we should definitely not boycott a designer based on their significant other's actions.


Kim Kardashian still gets to go to the Met Gala even though Kanye is bats, right?

Paris Jackson is stunning in this Stella McCartney next to Stella McCartney.

Fashion Inception.

P.S. I love Stella's sleeves.

Mary J. Blige is totally on trend and gets extra points for wearing matching boots.

I hate this.

It looks like a cheap barmaid's Halloween costume that you could get on Amazon.

Word is that Katy couldn't fit in a car.

Makes sense.

Perhaps next year there will be a float competition?

I love that Lena made a statement.

It's gowny, yet still fits her.

And my top 3 favorites?

1. Blake Lively (see above.)

Next, Stella Max well.

It's a print, kind of.



Frances McDormand just had so much fun.
And, I happen to love her.

This Valentino is fab.

Love the colors.
Love the styling.

What did YOU think? Tell me in the comments!



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  1. I'm with you on Blake Lively - gorgeous. And Amal - I actually loved it, think the tie in includes the roses, but do wish that the pants hadn't been (or looked) satin. Thoughts on Gigi Hadid? I thought hers was pretty wonderful from the few photos I saw.


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