That Midwest Thing

1/04/2018 05:30:00 AM

So the husband and I are driving home from the office the other day. As we were preparing to make a right onto the highway, the people across from us who were turning onto the highway first, waved to Craig.

Rather excitedly.

"Do you know them?" I asked.

"No," he said.

"Hm," I said. "They seem super friendly."

"They do," Craig said.

And that was that.


Fast forward to like two minutes later. We're on the highway, just approaching where there is some major construction happening. The gorgeous Sea of Cortez is on our right, it's 78 degrees... we're rolling along at a maximum of 3 mph.

Not my photo, but more or less where we were driving.

The friendly car from two minutes earlier is next to us, on the right.

WAVING. Again. And smiling, too.

Window down.

The grandfatherly-driver is sitting with his wife. Craig rolls down my passenger side window.

"You're from Ohio?" Friendly Guy asks, super pumped-like.

(We have Ohio plates on our cars since we still have a house there.)

"Yes! We are!"

Friendly guy: "Whereabouts?"

Us: "Toledo"

Friendly guy and wife: "We're from Findlay!"

(Toledo is about 40 minutes north of Findlay. We have dear friends who live there and have been more than a few times. It's considered Northwest Ohio still, I think. No matter. Ohio is Ohio and when you're from Ohio... you're family.)


And just like that... friendly conversation ensued for about 3-5 minutes, as we drove our cars, side by side, chatting about how long we've been here (12 years in July for us) where they live (up on that hill over there!) and then of course, it goes there... like it always seems to do whenever Ohio comes up:

Friendly guy: "How about those Buckeyes a couple of days ago?"

Craig: [huge smile on his face. He's talking Ohio State Buckeye football in Cabo. While driving. With another Ohioan.]

Naturally, the simultaneous driving/talking continued and the conversation went on regarding The Big Ten football conference and Michigan.

All of us were smiling. Like hugely. Like we were family. I wish I would have given him one of our business cards.

I promise you, if we hadn't been driving, the dialogue would have lasted ages longer and hugs may or may not have been exchanged.

Friends, the midwest is legit.

Cabo is my home, but I will forever have Ohio in my heart.



"Life is too short to be cold."

-Kylee, said every winter since I've moved from Ohio

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