Eight is my lucky number: New Year, New Goals

1/01/2018 08:19:00 PM

A couple of weeks before the New Year, in the midst of the holiday chaos, I start thinking about what my goals will be for the next year. This is not the optimal time to begin goal-creation. Still, I like to keep my eyes focused on New Year's Day, the respite after the holiday storm.

Bring on the GOALS!

Friends, I love goals as much as I love Christmas decorations, donuts and Lionel Richie. I love goals as much as I love checking Martha Stewart's personal instagram feed and the lovely smell of lilacs and lily of the valley. I love goals like I love bed.

Yes, I love bed.

(And I love lamp. Shout out to my fellow Anchorman fans.)


YOU GUYS! [Read this next part like Buddy the Elf. The Christmas spirit, unlike my Christmas tree which was taken down on New Year's Eve, persists. Incidentally, this is the first time in my life that the Christmas tree has ever been taken down before New Year's Eve. At my core, I'm against this. But when it's hot outside and you want your doors open and things are starting to get dusty, it's time to get that tree down. Eighty degree weather + Christmas decor? No. When it's done, it's done.)

Moving on.

YOU GUYS, as read like Buddy the Elf...

We get to be here on this planet and keep living every single day.
We get to start over everyday.
We get to grow.
We get to shape our own reactions to whatever 2018 throws at us.

We get to be as excited as my adorable husband. (Love you, Craig.)

Seriously, though. Life is what we make of it.


So much to learn, so much to do, so much to see!

(I hope this enthusiasm continues. This is all strangely aspirational since I'm currently sitting on my patio, drinking tea. I took a shower about an hour ago and it's 5:05 pm right now...  But totally. I've got no qualms about writing about goals.)

'Tis easier to set goals from the comfort of one's own couch, rather than get off the couch.

You can quote me on that.

So, I guess I'm going to have to get off the couch. Tomorrow. (KIDDING. I totally avoided sugar today (holy wow), didn't have a glass of wine (yes, I know it's early) and worked out hard today. So far, 2018 is ALL MINE.)


So, before I begin this enjoyable exercise in 2k18 goal setting, I must first re-visit my goals of yesteryear.


2016 Goals (Original post here.)

1. Use my Nikon DSLR more often.

I did, sort of. The husband bought me a Lumix and it's so much easier to take with me everywhere and the pic quality is amazing. Now to read the manual... several months later...

2. Read (and complete) at least one book a month.

I read 20 libros! (A blog post covering my favorites and not-so-favorite books in the works.)

3. Blog 2-3 times a week. And, finally switch this blog over to wordpress.

Failed. Miserably. On all fronts. You'll see this again on my 2018 goals. I miss this blog.

4. Communicate with my inner circle and closer friends more frequently. Be present with them.

Tough one to really measure; I'd like to think I did this... but there's so much room for improvement. I've got some amazing people I miss and wish I knew the everyday details in their lives.

5. Listen to music more often.

TOTALLY. Yep. We have had music on in the house so much more frequently in this past year. Yes and yes.

6. Learn to do a handstand.

So, I was steadily working on this and then I tweaked my back so much that I could barely walk. This lasted for four weeks. I started doing yoga, stretching and taking TURMERIC (which is amazing), but never got back into my routine. So, this is a no.

7. Write in the girls' journals more frequently.

Um. Also fail. Does starting an instagram account just for their photos count? I mean, I have the intentions of printing those pics off in a book, which is like a journal, but could be considered a photo journal...

8. Play with the girls.

I did play more with them more, but this is something that I must always try to get better at. I HAVE NO IMAGINATION. I prefer to organize and if we can't do that, then let's color. Better though? I feel like we talked more this year. That Lila is a hoot.

9. Keep dating Craig.

We could do more dates, for sure. But I feel like he's still mine and I'm still his. So, that counts? Yes? I mean, we laugh a lot. So that's good.

10. Learn to do a proper and good-looking smoky eye.

I'm taking this off the list. It will never happen. I merely apply a bunch of eye shadow to my lids and pray to God that the room/event/restaurant/party I am attending is dimly lit with a 10 watt bulb.


On to my 2018 goals.

1. Increase the book goal to 25 books physically read.
Audible books don't count in this tally. And this year, I'm giving myself permission to quit a book. (It will not count toward the goal.) If the book blows, I'm moving on. This was super hard for me to do this past year. But I mean, life's too short.

2. BLOG twice a week. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

I love this space for many reasons, but one reason: it's a biography that my girls will be able to read. And, I love connecting with all of you. And I love writing about the everyday.


There's a book in my heart... I need to stop waiting for the perfect time. I need to write a little. Everyday. GO, Kylee. Enough of the stalling. You don't have to have the perfect outline, just go.

4. G-O-D first. Me, second.

After the girls go to school, I sit in my teal chair that Craig didn't really want me to buy, and I meditate for 10 minutes with Headspace, then I read whatever plan I'm on in the Bible app and I journal. I do this for a total of 25 minutes each morning and it's mine and I love it and it needs to be my routine. Everyday. It makes me feel full and happy and confident and worthwhile.

5. Break free from obligatory routines.

This one is kind of vague, I know. But here's the thing, I'm loyal to a fault. I will consistently do something day in, day out because that's the way I am. I like to "do things right" and sometimes, it's ok to not be consistent. And, it's ok to not participate or engage in activities or relationships that don't feed my soul. This means saying no confidently. This also means eliminating negativity, from within and outside.

6. Make bone broth and learn how to cut up (barf) a whole chicken without barfing.

Not sure how this is going to work.

7. Learn more about transcendental meditation.

Yeah, that's it. Just want to learn more.

8. Kiss my husband more frequently.

Because, duh.

9. GO TO THE BEACH more.

Another, duh.

10. Read at least 5 nights a week with the girls.

We're pretty good at this, but we need to be more consistent. They read, I read, sometimes we read our own books at the same time... but I need some one-on-one time with the ladies... reading.


All in all, I want to listen more, surround myself with positive energy and give myself permission to make the decisions that are best for me and my family. I want to feel more confident, more grounded and content in all circumstances. Fewer political podcasts, lest I get angrier each day. Less online time, more real-life time. No more comparing who I am to others on social media. Everyone looks better in still photography.

More new restaurants, throw in some service activities for the girls and I to do together and less online shopping. (I've often said that I hope that when I get to the judgement day that I am not asked for any explanation of how many hours I've clocked online shopping or browsing.) Less procrastination. Discipline is freedom. (I love that line.)


Now, I'll just close my eyes and affirm to myself that I can do all of these things.

As I remind the peeps in my accountability groups, the girls say these four affirmations everyday on their way to school with their Daddy:

I am strong.
I am smart.
I am beautiful.
I can do anything

(And Vivi recently appended to the four statements with, "And I'm a good friend.")


So, there it is.

There we are.

Hello 2018.

...I'm excited for ya. Eight is my lucky number...


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