2018 SAG Awards Fashion Recap

1/21/2018 11:01:00 PM

*Edited at 10:59 am MT. I forgot to add my other BEST DRESSED! (Scroll down.)

Oh, ya'll.

I *love* this awards show.

It's more casual and the fancies dress a little more fun than they would, say, for the Oscars. Friends, there were so.many.prints and SO MANY appliques. I'd like to hashtag that, #YayApplique.

You know I like color. You know I like prints.

So, of all of the amazing fashion, here's what I noticed:

1. Many prints. (Wah-who!)
2. Many deep V's.
3. Many pairs of shoes were way off from the color of the dress. Example: red dress, purple shoes. (I like this.)
4. Lots of pink. (A nod to the Women's march this past weekend?)
5. The 3 main women of This is Us wore blue.

Anywho, I loved so much of what I saw that it's probably easier to say what I didn't love.

Let's jump right in with the gem tones, shall we?

Niecy Nash.
I mean.

Reese Witherspoon.
I adore this gown...except for the sleeves. They just sort of... hang there.

I'm not a fan of a flutter sleeve unless your Niecy Nash, in which case no one even sees the sleeve.

Susan Kelichi Watson.
This is lovely. It's not boring. It's not the most exciting dress out there tonight, but, she's lovely. And, her shoe game is on.

Mandy Moore.
She's a knock-out in this Ralph Lauren slip dress. I love it.
I'd like to be her friend.
Love the low-cut back.

Chrissy Metz.
I love appliques. Whatever you can attach to a dress makes me happy.
Chrissy looks lovely.

Allison Brie
I loathe this with all of my heart.
I don't like the messy sides. I don't like thunder bolts on dresses.
And those shoes are wrong.
This is offensive.

Danielle Brooks.
I love this.
A.) It has a collar. (I've been loving collars lately.)
B.) It's got a flattering empire waist.
C.) It's ombre-ish.
D.) It's covered in sequins!

DANIELLE for the win!

(I apparently just now noticed that the SAG awards trophy man has lit up genitals. That seems odd. Doesn't he know that this is the year of the woman?)

Greta Gerwig.
This is fun.
I like it.
Short sleeves, embellishments, absolutely. Let's do this.
I don't mind it.
We'll all totally ignore that it's pea-green.

Holly Hunter.
GAH! I love this. It's perfectly fitted and it.has.pockets.
This is lovely.
I love this whole look.

Hannah Ziele.
Confession: I hate navy. (For me.)
I have absolutely no navy in my closet.
I once had a dress from the Gap that was grey and navy horizontally striped. I don't know where it is.
I think it looks lovely on other people. (My best friend's favorite color is navy. Vivi loves navy.)
But for me? I just ... no.

So this?

And loosen up that bun, girl.
Life ain't so serious.

Marsai Martin.
Lovely and flowy and age appropriate.

Sydelle Noel.
Show stopper, here.
The neckline, the architecture of the gown, the styling...
This is perfection.

Susan Sarandon.
I like her sunglasses, though.

So here are the women who wanted to skip wearing color.

Dakota Fanning.




Madeline Brewer.
Oh, this Reem Acra gown is perfectly fitted and it.is.lovely. Her styling and makeup are dead-on.

And the red shoes, yes.


Margo Robby.
I just don't love halters.
And those feathers are not my bag.

Millie Bobbie Brown.
I think she's going to probably regret this whens she's 30 in the same way that I regret wearing barrettes and halter tops when I was 20.

But for now, she's adorable.

Uzo Aduba.
I guess I'm just not a fan of one-shoulder capes.
If you're going to wear a cape, go for both shoulders. Don't do it halfway.
Two-shoulder cape or no cape.

Tracee Ellis Ross.
I take back everything I just wrote.
This works.
Everything Tracee Ellis Ross does, works.

Brie Larson.
I love this.
I love a print.

Cara Buono.
I love this, too.
A.) There's a topknot, so I'm sold.
B.) There's so much going on here that it makes me happy.
C.) I think I see a cape.
D.) I LOVE this.

Gina Rodriguez.
I have never, I repeat never, been down with underwear as outer wear.
I don't like this.
At all.
Though I do think it's kind of cool that her bra-top is hooked to a cape. Because duh, women are superheroes.

Maya Rudolph.
I love her.
That's all.

Vanessa Kirby.
I love this gown.
I LOVE it.
(Also, tell me you recognize Princess Margaret from The Crown.)

I'm serious. I love this.


Samira Wiley.
This V is not working for me.
And WHY is this transparent underwear thing popular?

Olivia Munn.
I've never met a sparkle-laden gown that I didn't like.
I do, however, have PTSD from when I cut my hair in a lob like this. It's taken SO LONG to grow my hair back.
I don't ever want to LOB again.

(That SAG man is offensive. Again.)

Halle Berry.
She can literally pull her hair back in an, "I'm-about-to-wash-my-hair" pony tail and she STILL looks better than everyone else.


Connie Britton.
I adore her.
I like a nice rosé gown.

Nicole Kidman.
I've never been a fan of her wardrobe choices, but man.
I think she looks amazing and her styling is on.
(And, I love how much she loves her husband.)

Natalia Dyer.
I love a print!
This Christian Dior gown is stunning.

Kelly Marie Tran.
OF COURSE I love this.
It's orange. (My favorite color)
AND... it's a print.

Jackie Tohn.
This is fun.
I would not wear it.
Like ever.
But this is fun.

Kate Hudson.
This fits her like a glove.
And, I'm sort of jealous by how cool her short hair looks compared to MY short hair when I was younger...
but still...
...this is a lot.
I'm a hard "no" on this.

I was done with ruffles and hearts at like six months old.

Kristen Bell.
She's fantastic.

Elisabeth Moss.
All of it.

Felicity Huffman.

Goldie & Kate.
They're cute, though.
Yay for Moms and daughters.

(Hug your Mom.)

So I mean, sure.
If it's your turn to go to the SAGs, wear ALL the things you want to wear: feathers, satin, TWO rhinestone headbands, WEAR.IT.ALL.

Saoirse Ronan.
That belt is bothering me.
(Probably because I don't have a waist. #MyOwnIssues.)

Too much.
Just too much.

Samara Weaving.
I just don't know.
I like it, but it's just a lot of pink.
I'd prefer this in pretty much ANY other color.

Ryan Michelle Bathe.
I would *never* wear this, but she's stunning.

Taryn Manning.
This is a bridesmaid's dress.
An ugly bridesmaid's dress.

Yara Shadhidi.
Ok, so she was arguably the most stunning woman at the SAG awards, but her pants are too long and I can't handle it.

And, my worst dressed of the evening...

Molly Sims.
Your stylist done you wrong, Molly.

Yvonne Strahavski.
I'm shaking my head.
I can't quite find the words.
WHAT, in the WORLD, is this?
A too-tight lace shirt-dress?

And my favorite of the night?


Odeya Rush.

I am in LOVE with this Christian Dior gown.

I'd like to wear it.

It's perfect.


I loved this stunning Ralph & Russo gown on Allison Williams.

It's statuesque and perfection. (I'm not all about the wet hair look...) BUT... this gown is AMAZING.

What did you think?


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