Merry Christmas: A look back at our Annual Christmas Cards

Merry, Merry Christmas, dear friends.

And here's my favorite part of my annual Christmas card post: the archives since 2009.

My favorite part: Lila's sequins and her favorite necklace. And, Vivi was having a fantastic hair day.

My favorite Part:
Their shoes.

My favorite part: We had these photos taken in Ohio by my dear friend and there were feathers everywhere.
Look at Vivi's BABY FACE! GAH!

My favorite part: This is probably my favorite card EVER.
The pearls, the old lady dresses, the head tilts, the shoes. I can't even.

My favorite part: I can actually hear Lila laughing.
I loved the colors in this one.
And how far Vivi's skirt is pulled up.

My favorite part: This pic was taken in Vivi's bedroom in our old house.
It was slightly tricky to shoot, as all non-professional photographer parents know. I remember finally just putting them in Vivi's crib and snapping this one. "They're both looking! This one is the one!"

My favorite part: 
Aw, my first baby. We still have that necklace and she still wears it every now and then. Baby Lila, the best.

My favorite part:
If you look closely, you can see that Baby Lila is WAVING. (Omg. Be still my heart.)
That bow on her head...
And I totally wrapped a box and stuck her in it.

 Merry Christmas!


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  1. So sweet! Happy holidays and a happy new year to you and yours! xoxo


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