The things I'm thankful for.

11/22/2017 11:26:00 PM

1. I am thankful for each time Craig tells me, "You're turning into your mother."

2. I am thankful for those Sephora makeup beautyblender (sponges). WHERE WERE THEY when I was in high school? They would have drastically decreased my makeup coverage.

3. I am thankful for my dog, whose sarcoptic mange has healed. (Whew.)

4. For my Amazon Kindle. And reading. And the ability to hold my finger on my kindle screen over a character who I've forgotten and the KINDLE REMINDS ME.

5. For quiet mornings, breezes and my Bible app.

6. For phone conversations with my brothers and sisters. They will never know how much hearing their voices (and laughs) remind me of my parents.

7. For marriage, for love, for my best friend. (You're so cute, C. I love you.)

8. I am thankful for country music that makes my heart happy.

9. I am thankful for gluten free stuffing.

10. I am thankful for the Headspace meditation app. I need calm. It pleases me. I no longer fall asleep during the meditations, which is a win.

11. I am thankful for CONNECTION to the people who matter. Facebook messenger, whatsapp, iMessage, the phone, facetime... I am so thankful for the connection to my people. (woop, woop.)

12. Orchids. I am grateful for orchids. Especially my orchids.

13. I am thankful for my health. Oh, Lord Jesus, thank you for my health.

14. I am thankful for my first born and her ginormous heart and her passion for unicorns and gel pens.

15. Peanut butter.

16. My blowdryer.

17. I am thankful for Vivi's mechanical mind and her love for Shirley.

18. I'm thankful for podcasts.

19. I am thankful for tea. Green. Jasmine. Black. Earl grey.

20. Hugs. I, like Olaf, am thankful for hugs.

21. I am thankful for the ties that bind us: grief, joy, fear, anxiety... There are so many ties that bind us.

22. Target and icees.

23.  Legos.

24. Life lessons. Even the annoying, stupid, frustrating ones.

25. I am thankful for all of this. All of it. From start to finish.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear friends.

I love this dog.


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