What they Say. Volume 11

Random comment from Lila:

Lila: "All I need in life is air, water, food and company."

Somebody loves when we have people over.


Lila wants to spend the night at a friend's house and we're those people; we're just nervous about it.

Apparently, so is Vivi.

Lila gives all of us of the super-valid points as to why she should be allowed to spend the night at her friend's place and Vivi, full-stop, LOSES it.

[insert trembling chin and then incoherent sobbing.]

She cries to Lila:

"You just want to leave me..."

"You want me to be lonely."

"You don't want to be with me because I hug you all the time."

Ohmygosh, stop it.

"You don't want to be with me because I hug you all the time."

Ah, sisters.

And for the record, Lila DOES love her personal/bubble space. And Lila didn't deny the accusation.

Vivi is a hugger.


We were sitting at dinner the other day. Vivi, perhaps overcome with the need for atonement, blurted out:

Vivi: "I have something to tell you."

Us: "What?"

Vivi: [slight smile on her face, looking down...] "Sometimes at dinner I tell you that I'm full so that I don't have to eat my vegetables..."

[Kylee note: It gets better...]

Vivi: "...and you fall for it every time"


Fast forward to the next week, at dinner, when she says, "I'm full."

"NOT THIS TIME, little sassafras. We know your game. No trickery here. EAT IT."



In our house, you eat the vegetables I put in your lunch. If the veggies come home from school, you get them for your after school snack. If you don't eat them then, you get them for dinner. If you pass on them for dinner, you get them packed in your lunch the next day.

I'm a fun Mom.


(It's a Mom Rite of Passage to use that phrase.)

Our once pea-loving Vivi apparently has stopped loving peas. She didn't eat them in her lunch and was not excited about the idea of having to eat them for future meals.

So, in the morning, I surprised her with this letterboard message in the kitchen.

She was not amused.

I didn't change the board for a few days (Mama can't be clever everyday), and each morning when Vivi walked into the kitchen, she was offended.

Finally, I got this message written on our kitchen chalkboard:

Let me translate for you. (Remember, she's bilingual and she's working out the spelling kinks.)

No bins and
Ha Ha
Wa Ha

Yep, I thinks he's mine.

Ha ha
Wa Ha


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