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10/15/2017 07:24:00 PM

Life is so beautifully imperfect  unperfect.

It's vast and overwhelming.
It's vibrant and inspiring.
It's frustrating and sweet.

It's varying levels of chaos.

It's unexpected moments of laughter.
It's bitter sadness and some anger.
It's grief and joy.
It's precious.

Life is all the things.

I am so thankful for the people that I wake up to each morning.
....each crabby morning. (I'm the crab.)

I'm thankful that each day we get to start over again, together.

Every morning I hug them and I say, "Good morning. It's a new day."

We all need a new day. Everyday.

I love that they're mine.

All of them.


I wish I could be better for them.

I wish I could be a bit more gentle...
...I wish I could play better.
I wish I could get out of my brain and my systems and my routines and just be be a dandelion blowing in the wind...

...but I'm never going to be that person...

And for the longest time I felt like I needed to apologize for that.

No longer. Nope.

I am who I am. (But I am working everyday to grow, for me, for them...)

And I hope that if I can teach them anything, it's that they can be them.


I hope they discover who they are and they own it.

I hope they do the things that scare them; that they go the places that excite them.

I hope their expectations of themselves are steeped in confident reality.

I hope they know that they are are loved, just.as.they.are.

I hope that they believe more than I do.

I hope they create more than I can.

I hope that they find the beauty in the everyday... more often than I ever have.

I hope they live fiercely...

...and kindly.

I hope that they give their soul wholeheartedly to their passion, to their calling, to their purpose...

I hope they find their person...

...the person who balances them, the person who makes the world make sense.

I hope they find the person who loves, respects, encourages, supports and champions them...at all times.

I am willing them to never settle for anything less.

I was thinking about what I want for them.

It seems like such a simple answer.

"I want them to be happy..."

But it's more than that.

I want them to feel full.

I want them to experience the lows, but know that they can get up and keep going.

I want them to feel the highest of highs, but be grounded.

I want them to feel what it's like to chant to themselves, "I am content in all circumstances, I am content in all circumstances..."

I want them to know that they're owed nothing...
...in fact, I want them to innately know that to whom much is given, much is expected... and I want them to be cool with that.

....because whatever their gifts, there's a place for them.

I just want them to be more. To do more. To grow more. To love more.


When we were having our photos taken, the three of us immediately loved this mural.

I loved watching their eyes and listening to their little voices as they read it in Spanish. It was like a little bit of their home (Cabo), showed up in our home (Ohio) and it was lovely.

It says,

You're beautiful.
No one compares to you.
You're special.
You're divine.
You're the only one like you.
You're intelligent.

Yes, and yes.


Life is perfectly unperfect.

Even though these photos make it look pretty perfect, they're just a snapshot of our daily chaos.

I'm thankful for all of it:

the beautiful and the tear-inducing.

Today, though - I smile as I look at these photos... and the tears show up, per usual.

Because, life.

Because, them.

Because, blessings.

Because, love.

And here are some other photos I can't help but share...

When did Lila turn 13?

I adore this one.

And this little character.

I mean...

She was willing to wear a dress for us. We were all shocked. And who knew she'd match that wall so well?


Um. This is so Vivi.


So there's this guy.

There is no one else for us.

He was meant to be their Dad, you guys.

It's like God was like, "Ok, Kylee. Here's this guy with long, curly hair wearing Doc Marten wing-tips and carpenter jeans. You're going to become best friends. You're going to get married, start a life, and move to Mexico, because why not? Then you're going to have two daughters and they're pretty much destined to be yours and his. One will look and act like him, the other will look and act like you. It'll be crazy and cool and do-able. Then you will live a pretty great, chaotic, yet calm life.

Enjoy it."

I am.

Thank you.

Not a day over 25 and 23...

As in, we literally own clothes that are 25 and 23 years old.

Sigh. We're getting older.

I keep telling myself, "THESE are the 'good 'ole days!" ENJOY them.

Baby Shirley...

Her presence fills my heart. Sigh.

I mean, if I can't have the real Shirley, I'll take the baby version.

Life is good, friends.


Photos taken by my dear friend and soul sister, Summer Kellogg. Check out her website here, www.summerkellogg.com and immediately start reading her blog and following her on Instagram. and facebook. There is NO reason why you shouldn't. And, if you're in Ohio, or the surrounding areas, invite her into your life for a day to take photos of you and your family. I promise you, the photos will be far more amazing than you could dream.

These photos originally were included on her blog, here.


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