5 Easy Ways to Connect with your Fam

10/05/2017 08:10:00 PM

So, I run monthly accountability groups online.  They're fitness and nutrition-based and they're full of amazing women. I wanted to share today's post... I hope it resonates.

Thursday, October 5th

I'm usually exhausted by Thursday. My enthusiasm for the new week has waned and I'm Just plain tired and usually a bit meh.

We go and go and go at an exceptional pace that it's no wonder that sometimes we need to just crash.

You all know that exercise and eating well give you the energy that you need to get through the day, but there are some other things we can do, too in order to connect with our loved ones.

1.) Slow down.
Are you over-scheduling your life? It's ok if you, or your kids, don't participate in every activity ever offered. Make a point to slow down. It's ok to say no. NEXT WEEK? Can you lessen your load?

2.) Eat together. As a family.
Create a regular family re-connection time. Dinner is usually easiest, but breakfast works, too! Ask questions. Don't rush. In our house the goal is at least 4 sitting down-family-dinners per week. Everyone has to tell a.) what they learned today, b.) something great that happened today and c.) how they were kind today.

3.) Make time for connection.
Kiss your kiddo on the head when she walks by, touch your significant other's shoulder. Don't be so busy that you're merely passing through the hallways of your home with the people you love.

4.) Unplug.
Yep. UNPLUG. We all know we need to do this, and we all could improve on this. Check in online with social media no more than 3 times a day. Habitual scrolling leads to loss of valuable time and increased feelings of not measuring up. (AmIRIGHT?) Trust me, no one's life is instagram perfect. Smoke and mirrors, friends. Smoke and mirrors.
P.S. You'll notice that I usually check into the group once a day - in the evenings. It's ok if you do the same! I don't want this to be another thing that you HAVE to do.

5.) Lower your expectations.
Yup. The lunchbox for the kids doesn't have to be pinterest perfect. And I know you MEANT to spend the day making gorgeous crafts for the holidays, but sometimes cuddling up and watching a movie is just fine, too. Go with the flow. You DO measure up. You're doing great. Just put your phone away and be present.
I am *so* glad you all are here.


If you're ever interested in more positivity in your life and need to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals, let's connect. I've got another group starting next month.


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