What they Say. Volume 10.

Craig: What do unicorns do?

Lila: They run and jump over rainbows. 

Craig: Oh. What else?

Lila: ...make friends. 

Craig: Really?

Lila: Of course. Unicorns are friendly. They make friends.

I mean, duh.


Me: Vivi, is it cool with you if I put some of these chia seeds on your oats?

Her: Yeah. You know what? My ideas have been bein' better these days, too!

(I told her that chia seeds were good for her brain.)


Me: I guess there's a lice issue at your school.

Vivi: I don't have them. I run too fast.


We were standing in Vivienne and Lila's room, and we told Vivi that she had earned a star for her chart and she was SO happy she proceeded to yell and sing and dance, "MY LIFE IS SO COOOOOO-OOOOOL!"


Yes, your life is cool.


We were just at birthday party and in the powder bathroom were some pretty, decorated paper hand towels. It was a swim party and Vivi had her beach towel with her, so after she washed her hands, she reached for the pretty paper towels but I said, "Oh, Vivi, just use your beach towel. Let's save the fancy towels for other people."

Vivi: "Yeah, they're for special cajuns."

Yes, they are for special occasions. or Special Cajuns. No matter what, they're for special peeps.

Happy Monday, ya'll.


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