It's the 4th of July in Mexico... sort of.

9/15/2017 10:54:00 AM

It's been a while since I've written a post about the girls. But I had to share these pics. They were allowed to wear traditional garb to school in honor of Mexico's Independence Day on September 16th.

I love this for many reasons.

I love this because I have lived in this country for 11 years, my girls were born here, and they know nothing different. They're dual-citizens. They know both the Mexican and the American Pledges of Allegiance.

They have pride in where they live, they have pride in Mexico.

They love the United States and know that they can be the president of the United States one day.

They love playing futbol and eating churros. (I mean, who doesn't?)

They love the lake and going to Target.

They're getting the best of both worlds, if you ask me.

Friends, Mexico is incredible.

It is a country of intelligent and educated, kind and philanthropic, industrious, diligent, amazing people. The history, the terrain, the cultural nuances, the traditional cuisine... Mexico is so much more than beaches and avocados. (But the avocados are far superior than anywhere else.)

Here, are thought leaders.

Here, are pioneers in their fields.

Here, are Nobel Prize winners.

Here are everyday people, working just as hard as you and I, doing their jam. Day in, day out. Working hard. Every.Single.Day.

This is a community that re-builds after storms without waiting for handouts from anyone.

This is a community where unemployment isn't a problem because

This is a community where family is appreciated and celebrated.

This is a community where my family and I have been welcomed in, no questions asked, as we are.

I am so ridiculously tired of hearing about "The Wall" and the grossly distorted categorization of a country based on a sampling of its people. Mexico should not be judged based a selection of its people, specifically those who cross the borders illegally. Can we judge the U.S. based on special interest groups who hate people of Jewish descent, women, homosexuals or anyone with non-white skin? No.

Illegal immigrants aren't the enemy. Hate, divisiveness and intolerance are. (*Note, I have documentation that allows me to live her legally. I'm a believer in doing things the right way.)

As a guest in someone else's country, I feel shame for what's been communicated about Mexico by the U.S. president. It's embarrassing. And it's not what the United States stands for. His random twitter outbursts pain me on the daily, but specifically when he aims them at Mexico.

Mexico isn't just a shape on a map, it's a country with real people, real faces and real lives.

I read this yesterday: "...more Mexicans view the United States unfavorably than at any time in the last 15 years, according to a report by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. The report found that 65% of Mexicans hold a negative opinion of the U.S. — more than double the share two years ago." (Article here.)

This is so sad, friends.

Diplomacy must become a priority again. Relationships matter.

Now, I don't like to be political, but I must. 

I cannot sit idly by and listen to the constant barrage and fear-mongoring that is happening about this country. 

Enough is enough.

I'm a proud American who is proud to say, Viva Mexico!

Happy Independence Day, mis amigos.

P.S. Read this post from about seven years ago. I still believe it.


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