Ferg for President

7/03/2017 09:29:00 AM
Ferg, looking presidential.

Now, I try not to be too political on my blog, but I must say that I feel that perhaps Ferg would make a fantastic president.

She is kind. And, as far as I know, not sexist or racist.

She is legally residing in Mexico and enjoys the culture and the people.

Ferg genuinely shows concern when someone is ill. She's able to empathize.

She listens when spoken to and responds in kind.

She quietly involves herself in matters, thus commanding respect. She never viciously forces herself on anyone. Ever.

She rarely barks, even when she's inconvenienced. (I.e. when someone accidentally closes her into a bedroom for an hour or so.)

She understands the importance of sharing. She doesn't hog all of her food so that Millie doesn't get any. Instead, she eats a bit and moves on.

She prefers games like fetch to writing incendiary tweets.

In general, she's non-threatening, non-abrasive and an all-around kind dog.

Now, if only I could say that about...


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