To our Anchor.

6/18/2017 08:00:00 AM

Brave. Consistent. Ethical. Someone who shows up, every time.
A listener. Ever observant. Always tuned in and watching... anticipating.
You save the day. A lot.

Planning. Thinking it all through.
He speaks up when necessary: to correct or to compliment.

A magic-maker, a coach, an anchor.
A hair-brusher, a button-sewer, a taste-tester.

He corrects, he laughs.
He loves.
Oh, he loves them with the entirety of his soul.

He wants nothing, absolutely nothing, but the best for them...
...but wants them to learn the life lessons, too.
And no, not everyone gets a trophy.

He's steadfast.

They adore him.
They know he means business, but they can influence his decisions based on their giggles...

"Daddy can do it" is a regular mantra around here. He's a fix-it-all bandaid.
"Daddy can."
"Daddy will."

Of course Daddy can and Daddy will.


Since the moment you became a Dad on Father's Day in 2009, Craig, you've been actively part of this chaos. This is your circus and we are your monkeys...

You're welcome.

Thank you for doing all of the things that you do.
Craig, they don't go unnoticed.

In fact, I applaud you and fully understand that Lila and Vivi are so fortunate that you are their Daddy.

You're just... so great.

We love you and we appreciate you with all of our hearts.

Happy Father's Day, sweet man.

kb, lb & vb


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