Life Reminder: No trophies for being busy

6/04/2017 07:19:00 PM

"Busyness is barren."

I heard this today and it struck a nerve.

To be busy, is barren. Empty.

There is nothing constructive in the constant go, go, go. There's nothing good that comes from a packed calendar. There's no joy to be found in constant running. You don't get a prize because your kids participated in the most summer camps.

Instead, busy-ness is barren.


No joy.

And in dry, barren spaces, nothing grows.
No good ideas.
No impulsive fun.
No solid relationships.


Today, when I heard this, it was yet another reminder to s-l-o-w down.


Roll with it, not against it, Kylee.

Deep breath.


Let the crumbs remain on the counter.
Let the scissors clippings remain on the floor.
Ignore the dryer buzzer; the clothes will be there in an hour.
That email, it'll get returned eventually.

Just be.

Swallow up the moment... but don't gulp it down.


Today I learned that another friend lost her parent. Another membership card has been issued to the My Parent Died Club...

...heartbreaking. Heart-wrenching.

Yet another reminder that life is a precious as a bubble gracefully resting on the tip of a sharp pin.

In an instant...

...everything can change in an instant.


I am so thankful for the road that I've traveled, for the alligator tears I've shed.
I'm so thankful for the gentle breeze and the geckos chirping.
I'm thankful for the sleepless nights this weekend while Vivi has been fevering.
I am so thankful that I have the capacity to feel and have emotion.

I think, friends, we have far more control over our world than what we like to believe.

We may not have control over what happens... because stuff does happen....

...but it's what we do with the charred remnants that matters.

There is always beauty in ashes.

I choose joy.

Again and again. I choose joy.

And you?

You're just enough, as you are.


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