FERG is ten.

6/22/2017 09:15:00 PM

Yep, A Ferg Retrospective. You guys. My dog turned TEN TODAY.

Look, the day we brought her home...


This was back before I had children. Clearly.

Ferg was my baby before I had a baby. (Note: let's all take a moment to remember our English bulldog, Nattie, who was our first baby.)

Ferg went to work with me everyday, until I had babies and carrying a purse + computer bag + lunch + breast pump was too much. :)

She slept in a basket on my desk and was the office dog.

Ever the baby-watcher.

When I brought the girls home from the hospital she immediately became their protector. No jealousy.

When they napped, she'd wait outside their room, alerting me when they woke up.

A little, attentive and furry baby monitor.

She always, always let the girls play with her. Tug on her. Roll on her. Lay on her.

She's always allowed this, too. And, she still does today.

Word on the street is that in some circles people think that dog's don't enjoy hugs, they merely tolerate them.

Completely false.

Ferg loves a hug.

I love this one. "Um... can you please help this baby?"

The original Two Pretzels.

Ferg was trained in about 2 weeks. She's so, so smart. She's also a non-shedder. If everyone is ever in search of a little, non-barky or yappy dog, get a Havanese.


Look at Baby Lila!

And just today, a sweet little muffin.

Still as spray and as sweet as a puppy.

I love my dog.

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