How to cut a t-shirt. A tutorial. Sort of.

So, I have some favorite t-shirts that I don't wear as often as I should because I don't like the way they're

You know the feeling.

Your t-shirts fits loosely and you like it, but man... GET OFF my neck. Pull it down. It creeps back up. If I want something on my neck, I'll wear a scarf. I can't take it. (Disclaimer: I realize this is a first world issue.)

So, I decided to cut-up some of my t-shirts. And not until I was finished did I realize that I would blog about this.

So, here's the tutorial part. (I beg your pardon for no along-the-way photos.)

Now, I wasn't looking for a crazy 80's Guns N Roses-esque masterpiece. No braiding of any left over pieces. No sewing. No random tassels and fringe. Nope, just a shorter shirt with a looser top and neck.

You need 3 things:
1. a t-shirt (I strongly urge you to practice on a shirt that is not your favorite.)
2. sharp scissors
3. a sharpie

Guess which one's my fave.
Not to worry, I have two more Lionel shirts if something would have happened to this one.

Here's what you do.

For the collar:
Starting at the neck, using your sharp scissors cut around to the back of the shirt. Cut just below the t-shirt's original collar. (If this doesn't give you a wide enough neck, go ahead and cut it again, once again around the collar you just cut.)

After you've cut off that section, use your fingers to stretch out the newly larger neck opening. The shirt will roll some and won't look all jagged and cra-zay.

For the bottom of the shirt.
Put the shirt on and roll it up to where you'd like for it to fall after it's cut. Remember, the shirt will roll UP slightly, so you'll need to cut a bit (.5 an inch) below that line unless you want the ever-stylish and age-appropriate cropped top. (Which you may desire. No judgement.)

Lay the shirt down and mark on either side with the sharpie. Then, cut it! (I didn't use a ruler because I'm impatient spontaneous like that. And I have no idea where a ruler would be.)

No worries if it's not perfect. You'll be stretching it out again when you're finished cutting and it'll roll up just a bit, hiding your imperfect edges. (Perfect metaphor for life, no? Stretch out, ignore, it'll be fine.)

For sleeves:
If you just want the sleeves shorter and NOT a tank top cut, use your scissors and cut ABOVE the t-shirts hemmed sleeve. This will give you a looser, not up in your armpits look. (Whew.) After the first side is cut, use the piece you just cut off as a guide as you cut the other sleeve. Again, stretch out the sleeves a little bit, they'll roll and any cutting imperfections are gone.

After you wash your shirt, just tug on the newly cut collar, sleeves and bottom again. It'll roll and you will, also, be

Tip: Cut a little at a time. You don't want to ruin your favorite t-shirt.

Wah-la. There you have it.

Fuzzy iPhone pics. Of me. And my collection of dogs.

Now, with the LEFTOVER pieces... you or your children can transform into a ninja merely by tying the pieces from your shirts to your body and repeating your karate kata while wearing them in total Ultimate Warrior style.

The girls found this out without any prompting from me.

The Ultimate Warrior.

See below.

If this doesn't intimidate you, then I don't know what will...

And, there you have it.



  1. This reminds me that I need to do this with a few of my t-shirts!

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