I can change my mind, right? Re: chokers

4/05/2017 08:33:00 AM
In the past I've bemoaned countless times on this blog one fashion-related accessory quite religiously: chokers.


I hate them.

Why? I think Britney Spears made me do it. That copious amount of chokers she wore (and still wears) all the time drove/drives me crazy. I mean, in the pool? At the gym? At the grocery store? Enough with the choker. Gah. Can you please wear a longer necklace? Just once?

In addition, the name kills me. Why, on earth, would I want to wear something that chokes me? I mean, let's be honest -- bras after 9 pm are bad enough as it is. I certainly don't need something that could potentially affect my breathing.

So, then I saw this.

And I thought... well... I mean... it's cute. And it's $14 here.  And here's a $19 one.

I think my love for velvet trumps my disdain for chokers in this situation.

It's like rock, paper scissors and the paper (the velvet) covers the rock (the choker).

So there.

I said it.

SOME chokers are cute.
Most are not.
Many look like dog collars.

I *still* don't think I would. Negative. But I wouldn't say mean things about the girl who does.

**NOTE: I still hate most halters.


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