Sisters. Pocahontas boots. Target wedges.

Things I love about this picture.
1. The sunset.
2. Vivi's well-worn Pocahontas boots.
3. Lila's favorite Target wedges.
4. Teeny skinny jeans on Vivi. Size 4T. (She'll be 6 in 21 days.)
5. My niece Aubrey's jeans on Lila. (She loves hand-me downs.)
6. Vivi in that scarf and tiny sweater (that once belonged to Lila). (It was windy.)
7. Lila, refusing to wear a jacket, always. Because fashion is more important.
8. They're wearing their "fit bits."
9. They're leaning on one another... looking in different directions.

I hope they grow up and always go their own way, but rely on one another. I hope they're forever unique, creative and kind and I hope that whenever they're with one another, wherever they are, it feels like home.


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