See ya later baby monitor, hello full-on surveillance

1/04/2017 05:08:00 AM
The subject of this post.

When do you get rid of your kids' baby monitor(s)? Assumedly when they're no longer babies?

So nearly eight years ago (gasp), when my first child was born, we decided to forgo the standard baby monitors of the era -- you know, the ones that only allowed you to listen in.

Instead, we bought a little hand-held Summer Infant video monitor that allowed us to listen in and see what our baby was doing. (See above.)

I'll tell you what Lila was doing: nothing. Nothing but looking cute.

Baby Lila.

Still, we'd check that teeny 1.5" wide screen and make sure our baby was ok.

How was the resolution of the video? Sketchy, but effective.

Remember, back when Lila was born in 2009 I was a proud Blackberry user. In addition, there was no such thing as logging into an app to steal peeks at your kiddos via their wireless video baby monitor with optical lens and night vision. (Speaking of Blackberries, I still miss BBM.) As it were, we had a video monitor and we loved it.

We watched Lila sit up and play in her crib. We watched her sleep. We watched her read books upon waking. We watched her stand up and wait for us. We listened to her "talk" to the dog who was laying on the floor. We listened to her sing. Best yet? We could make sure she didn't randomly vanish. (Important.)

The enter Baby Vivienne.

We bought another monitor. Same model. (They were in two separate rooms.)

We watched her all the time, too.

(I actually have photos of the monitor screen. "Look at how she's sleeping!")

Blurry Baby Vivienne - probably a Blackberry pic.

So, fast forward to today. The girls have moved in together and somewhere along the way one of the monitors died. But that didn't matter, friends. Because we had the second one! Well guess what? The second of our two video monitors finally bit the dust last week.

[Insert my audible gasp here.]

My guess is that it couldn't handle how loud the girls are for one.more.second. (I get it.)

And guess what else?

I'm <............> this close to buying another monitor.


Because at night my kids are sleeping downstairs and I am  sleeping upstairs. AND I CANNOT HANDLE THAT.

Bad things happen at night.

What if someone coughs all night long and needs me?
What if someone gets sick? Like, gross sick.
What is someone falls out of the top bunk? (Remember, Lila fell out of the top bunk and got a concussion.)
What if someone cries...
Bottom line: WHAT IF I AM NEEDED*?

*I admit it, there could be deeper issues at play here. I.e. me needing to be needed. Another blog post for another day...

Back to the need for a monitor:

I must be able to respond at the drop of a hat. My husband, (love you, dear), no longer "hears them in the middle of the night" so it's up to me to handle illness, scary dreams, lack of water and random tearful experiences. (Admit it, Craig. It's uncanny how you heard EVERYTHING when they were infants and today apparently hear nothing.  I bet if I whispered "Hey! I have free vodka, steak, bacon and sushi... do you want some?" you'd hear it from a dead sleep.#ImOnToYou)

So our house is made of concrete and sound doesn't travel too well within; therefore, I must strain harder than the average [overprotective] parent to hear everything that is happening downstairs.


After the monitor died, I immediately headed to amazon.

Then I paused and said, wait. "Do I have an issue?"

At this point, when the girls are 5 and 7, is this weird? Am I spying on them? Is there a privacy issue at play?

I mean, they're called "baby monitors" for a reason. They're kind of... um... for babies.

Am I really going to upgrade to a "surveillance camera"? In my kids room? #overProtective

What would YOU do?

I'll be honest, I want to err on the side of extreme safety and precaution and buy another one. In which case, I'm now taking recommendations. (Seriously.)

My kids are on the ground floor. I need to know what's going on.

Note: I promise not to spy on them when they're 12 and 13.


I mean, my house, my rules, right?



  1. Honestly, and this is simply my opinion, we live in a really different time now then when you and I were 5 or 7. I completely understand the reasoning behind this. I was visiting my Godsister in PA and we were in Target. She ran into a friend at the front of the store as we were leaving. Her girls are 7 and 9. Her oldest, who like I said is 9, went out of our line of vision because she had gone to look at something. Because we were at the front of the store I had a mini heart attack. I know it's important that they grow up empowered and not fearful but good God it's scary to know the realities of the world today. So have the monitor, you do a wonderful job of empowering your girls! They have the benefit of knowing if any of those above things that you mention happen that you will be right there for them.

    1. Gah, I love your feedback. We really DO live in a different world. We used to walk home from school! Now, I would NEVER let me girls walk home from school. Ever.

      It's just different today!

      I'm strongly leaning toward the monitor. (Thanks for commenting!)

  2. A's (third!) monitor died when she was 4 and we didn't replace it. But her bedroom is like 10 feet from ours.
    If you're going to get one of those cameras that work through your phone maybe right outside their room pointed at the door/hallway?
    So you can hear and sort of see them, but not Watching. Know what I mean?
    But, yeah, if you can't really hear them from upstairs I'd totally get another monitor.

    1. You know, I was going to get one that works through our phones, but I swear, I don't want to be on my phone anymore than I already am. I think we're just going to get anther video camera one.

  3. Oh I would totally have that or have them sleep in the hall outside my door lol. My kids' room is 3 steps from mine and I still insist on sleeping with the doors open so I can hear every.little.thing.

  4. If my kids didn't sleep down the hall from us I would totally have one!

    1. EXCELLENT. I appreciate the back up. I'm doing it.

  5. My youngest is 2 1/2 and sleeps 10 ft from my room, but when I am on another floor of the house doing whatever I always bring a monitor with me so I can hear her. While I don't have a video monitor I have gotten so good at the sounds the monitor makes I can tell you when she switches binkies in her sleep. If my monitors no longer worked I would totally purchase another set. Just for my peace of mind. I don't think either of my kids care about the monitor in there rooms. Mine are 2 1/2 and 7. The 7 year old gets croup and I need to be able to hear at the first sound of a cough if it is turning into croup. I hear ya, get another monitor!!!!

    1. GAH! Croup is terrifying. Vivi still gets it, too. Need another monitor. Suggestions?

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