On empathy.

1/15/2017 08:22:00 PM

Right before my Mom died, about a few months before, I remember looking around and thinking that everything was moving along far too splendidly in my world.  Life was just... good. My kids were fine, my job was fine, my marriage good... something had to give, right?

Ah yes. And give, it did.

While I certainly don't blame the passing of my sweet and funny Mama on my fear of a potential downfall, I am afraid of those moments -- in sheer transparency -- when I look around and I breathe and I'm thankful for what I have. I'm afraid that the other shoe will drop. I'm afraid that something may happen.

Why? It's who I am.


Everyone has a story.
Everyone grew up a certain way.
Everyone has something that has shaped them; led them to where they are today.
Me? I had a Dad who died of cancer when I was 10.
I had a single-Mom, who worked full-time, and was chronically ill.
We were on food stamps for a time.
Things weren't easy.

But all of that? Ah yes, it shaped me. It's ALL party of who I am.

In the midst of the not-so-good stuff, though, was REALLY good stuff. There were sweet memories spent at my Grandma's house with my cousins. There were pancake dinners with my Mom. There was that sweet little cherub-baby who lived with us, my little sister, Taryn -- who constantly kept us smiling.

There's always the good and the really difficult. And they co-exist like the winter and the spring. They always will.


Right now I'm surrounded by several people in my life who are going through winter.

Someone just lost her Mom. Oh, another one, added to the club.

Someone is losing her Dad.

There are relationship troubles.
And job loss.
And depression.
And... tough, tough things...

And in these times my heart hurts for them; it hurts for anyone who is going through it. And by "it", you know what I mean.

May this be our reminder today that the person ringing up your groceries; the person who sped past you on the highway and didn't let you in; the person who forgot to open the door in front of you; the person who didn't pick up that thing you dropped... that person, oh that sweet, that REAL person -- she may be going through something so big right now. SO big. And he? He may be going through something that is taking all of his energy; all of his might.

Let's be patient, friends.
Let's be kind.
Let's give space.
Let's reach out.
Let's hug.
Let's text.
Let's not judge.
Let's not gossip.
Let's just be.

Let's just be there.

We've all been there. And if we haven't, we all will be.



  1. Love this! Sometimes there are never words adequate but by listening and paying attention we can make a world of difference to someone who is hurting!

  2. Love. Love. Love. ❤❤❤
    Yes, let's love more, give grace more often... xoxo


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