Going gluten free... and not excited about it.

1/27/2017 01:37:00 PM

For the past five years or so I've been ignoring some responses I have to certain foods. I'm already lactose intolerant... Too much information? Look out, I'm about to tell you even more info you didn't want to hear...

Anywho, I adore cheese and thank goodness there's a lactose intolerance spectrum and I can have some cheese. I'll forego ice cream for the rest of my life so long as I can have a slice or two of extra sharp cheddar. (Woot, woot.)

Moving on, I come from a long line of amazing women... and a family chock-full of digestive issues.

Up until recently, I could ignore it all... until an itchy, painful rash appeared on my hands about 3 months ago. I'd had the little rash before, but back in October it was bigger and worse than ever. Unmanageable. Out of control. Small blisters, that turned red and itched (OH DEAR, THE ITCHING...). I've tried everything: oils, steroid creams, coconut oil. You name it.

"Someone? Can you please just cut my hands off? They're doing me no good."

So, symptom 1: angry, red, rash


So because of an unfortunate experience a couple of years ago - I haven't had pasta since then.  It's not worth it. Nope. See ya, pasta. (And I was a fettucini alfredo girl. Oh, the butter... the pasta... the dairy...)

 Well... this past weekend featured a lot of bread. And I say, "featured" because my love for bread... oh, my love for bread and all delights made of flour? Oh, it's strong. I'm the kind of person who enjoys the bread more than the main course.

In addition, my name is Kylee and I love Lionel Richie and DONUTS. I love donuts so, so much. And then I love cake. And warm bread. I love brownies. I love sandwiches and crusty bread. I love bread bowls. I love muffins and biscuits and all of it.

Well, guess what... all systems are putting to gluten revolting and no longer wanting to be my friend.

So, here I am. Telling the universe that per my doctor's wishes, I will be giving up gluten for a certain period of time to see a.) how I feel and b.) to make this HAND RASH GO AWAY. (Yep, there are others issues going on -- but I'm not sure I just download my entire medical history on the blog.)

That said: help me.

Are you gluten free?

Tips? Tricks? Resources?

Tell me.



  1. I have a hand rash as well that comes and goes. I thought it was eczema but I wonder if it's gluten related? Did you know that there is veggie pasta here in stores? I could mail you some? Message me and I'm happy to!!!

    1. YOU are so kind. First off, thank you. There are some gluten-free pasta alternatives down here. But honestly, you should pay attention to that hand rash. Does it itch? Mine was out of control. No gluten since Saturday and it's already calming down...

  2. I JUST saw this post (because it's been that long since I checked Feedly). Olivia had to go GF too and it has made a huge difference with her two auto immune diseases. We love Barilla GF pasta (doesn't get clumpy). Haven't found a great GF bread yet. If you can find GF Bisquick it makes awesome pancakes and waffles (add some vanilla and cinnamon for more flavor). :)


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