And just like that, Vivi's six.

Dear Vivienne,

Every day after school, you get in the car and I say "Hi!"! Before I can even ask the questions, "What did you do today? What made you happy? What bugged you?", you blurt out...

"It was the best day of my life."

"You forgot to pack a spoon in my lunch."

"It was the worst day ever."

"Did you know that my friend got new shoes?"

"You gave me the wrong fruit. You gave me Lila's."

You come at me like a speeding train and I love it about you, Vivienne Kate.

No one can slow that, whom is you, down.


In your six years of life you have brought humor, joy, wit and intensity to our family. It's a good intensity, too. You're loyal. You're inquisitive. You're of the "go big, or go home" ilk. And, I can expect that the problem will be solved with you. You won't walk away from a challenge.

You're small, but you're mighty.

(love this about you.)

You like to run, wear Star Wars t-shirts and take care of your constant companion, Baby Shirley. (It will forever fill my heart to hear my Mama's name on your  lips. All day, everyday.)


Your addiction to legos exhausts all of us, but keeps you busy for hours. You are thoughtful and intentional and loving and saucy... just as you should be.

You're constantly jabbering. You're the slowest eater I've ever met. You've got a story, an idea, a "what if" that you need to tell us right.this.minute. Every minute. You get sidetracked easily. The walk from the kitchen to your bathroom in the morning, so that you can brush your teeth, can bring about the most exciting diversions... "Look what I found, Mommy!" GO, Vivi! GO!

You ADORE your sister. Lila is the standard by which all things are measured. But this year, just recently, I'm noticing that you're forging your own way. Lila will say, "I believe in aliens." You will respond with, "I don't. They're not real. No."

And boom.


The other day, you told me, "You know? Lila is my best friend..."

You're a proficient organizer, folder and planner. (woop, woop) and your favorite Lionel Richie song is, "You are." You don't get frightened very easily, but you also are absolutely not a fan of closed doors or rooms with no light.

You also really know how to mix your patterns.

You're taking karate and you love to high-yah around the house all of the time. You also love to play futbol, but you fall more than you run. But when you need to run, you can! You just ran in your first 5k and you knocked our socks off.

You're a solid listener in the classroom, but from what we understand, you're pretty wiggly.
You're an early riser and still insist on waking everyone when you wake up. (Ugh.)
You're learning to read and improving every single day. You don't read one word at a time, instead your technique includes sounding out the whole sentence, then reading it all at once, out loud.

You bite off more than what one would think you can chew; but you've got it under control.

You're a lover.
You're a fighter.
You're a dreamer.
You're a sweetpea.
You're a ninja.
You're a mama.
You're a thinker.
You'er a tinker-er.

You, my dear, are perfectly you.

Vivienne Kate, our world is full becuase you joined us. Me, your Dad and your sister (and Ferg and Millie and Baby Shirley) love you mucho, mucho, mucho.

Vivi - I'm so glad you were born.

Happy birthday, muffin pants.

I love you,

• • • • •
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  1. Happiest of Happy Birthdays 🎉 ❤
    What a funky, spunky girl!!! Have a beautiful day! xo

  2. LOVE IT! How sweet. I also love the pictures by category. Happy Bday VIVI!


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