Resolutions for some, goals for another.

12/31/2016 04:40:00 PM
Ferg's goal for the year is to really take time out to relax more.

Oh, how I love a new beginning.

I like a new page in a journal; ahhh... the smell of paper.

I like a new pen.

I like burning a new candle. (I don't buy 'em to save 'em.)

I like taking the first scoop out of the jar of peanut butter. (You people who leave the foil lid on the peanut butter and don't rip it completely off SLAY ME. It doesn't belong there beyond the initial opening. It is not going to protect your peanut butter from getting stale.) JUST COMMIT.

I digress.

With 2017 around the corner, I figured I'd share with you some of my goals for the new year.

I prefer goals to resolutions. New Year's Resolutions sound so... formal. Resolutions seem very serious with hardcore consequences if the resolution is not kept. "I resolve to give up sugar or else I will go before a judge and a jury of my peers and be convicted for not having followed through on my resolution.

And then I will be flogged because I ate some nutella. And dark chocolate. And cookies."

Who needs that?

So here are a few of my goals.

1. Use my Nikon DSLR more often.
No kidding, you guys. I went to take pictures of this past Christmas (2016) on my little red Nikon and the last time I used my "nice" camera was Christmas 2015. Yep. Our Christmas 2015 and our Christmas 2016 photos were back to back on my photo card.


Get off the iphone, get on the Nikon.

2. Read (and complete) at least one book a month.
I LOVE to read. The girls are older; I can spend less time on netflix and more time on my kindle. (Find me on goodreads.)

3. Blog 2-3 times a week. And, finally switch this blog over to wordpress.
I miss this space so much. Sure, people's attention spans have shrunk to just second-long messages (snapchat), but I'm confident that there are still people out there who like to read blogs AND use snapchat filters. Right?

No matter what. I've been writing this blog since May 17, 2016 (um, more than a decade) and I shant think I should stop now.

4. Communicate with my inner circle and closer friends more frequently.  Be present with them. 
They're the ones who matter. I feel like last year I let some relationships go. I stuffed my life full of other stuff and I'd like to go back and re-engage.
"Imagine a circle. 
In that circle draw the people who matter the most: your husband, your partner, your children.Then draw another circle around that inner circle and in that circle add your parents, your siblings, your close family. The people you turn to in an emergency. 
Then draw another circle and these are your besties, your peeps, your crew, your squad, if you're Taylor Swift. 
Then draw another circle around that. These are your co-workers, your clients, your customers, the people you're trying to expand your business to, the other moms in the "mom" group, the "friends" who always seem to need something from you. There are the people you're on boards and committees with. These are the people you wouldn't invite to your house for Thanksgiving. 
Next, evaluate who is getting most of your attention...  
In my world, it was my outer bands, not my inner circle. I was kind of ignoring my sweet little circle that makes me the happiest. And it's easy to do this! Why? Because I know they'll still love me, even if I ignore them. But it's time to reverse my behavior; it's time to focus on the people who MATTER FIRST, and then... with my leftover time, work on those other relationships. 
See, the ones who matter should get the best of us, not the worst.Am I right?"
(See the rest of that post here.)

5. Listen to music more often.
Do I really need to be listening to NPR and podcasts all the time? No. I need more music. We're pretty good about limiting our TV time and really limiting the girls' screen time. ("Go outside. Go play. You're bored? Come here, I'll give you something to clean / organize."), but we need to incorporate more music. When the music is on, we're all more calm. So, more music it shall be.

Just last week I was introducing the girls to Dolly Parton. They loved her. (Who doesn't?) It's my responsibility to ensure that they love the classics. Lionel, done. Dolly, next.

6. Learn to do a handstand.
I want to work on my crow and handstand. I will not, I repeat, will not attempt a cartwheel.

7. Write in the girls' journals more frequently.
I started journals for the girls when I found out I was pregnant. I've hardly written in them at all for the past couple of years. I need to be jotting down the funny things; the little things I want to remember.

8. Play with girls.
Yep, play with them. When I was reading the 5 Love Languages of Kids I realized that I wasn't showing my love to them in the ways that they need. And PLAYING with them BEFORE I need to get my stuff done makes them happy, shows 'em that I love 'em, and then I can get what I need to finished without any anger. Boom.

9. Keep dating Craig.
I love that man and he needs to be a priority. Even though he's #9 on this list, he's #1 in my heart.

Craig, you know I'm serious.

10. Learn to do a proper and good looking smoky eye.
My current smoky eye attempts are sad and unfortunate. I need help.

And... that's about it.

I'm a huge believer that habits can be formed and intentional living is possible. I want to continue making my health and fitness priorities. The exercise thing? It's part of who I am now. It's my therapy. I do need to clean up my nutrition a bit; but at the same time, I'm going to continue practicing mindful, GUILT FREE eating. A chocolate bar is not a sin. It's delicious. I will eat one (not four) and enjoy it.

So, how about you?


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