I'm sorry, but...

11/13/2016 08:08:00 AM

Ok wait.

A $39.95 couture pajama set for an Elf on a Shelf?

You guys.

This item has reviews.
Which means people bought it.
I can't.

People bought their Elf on a Shelf a pair of $40 pajamas. And their kids can't even PLAY with the pajamas because their kids can't even touch the elf.

So, there's that...

But you know what, though? Thank goodness. Thank GOODNESS that fake elves with strange bendy knees now have the opportunity to upgrade their humdrum pj's and wear fashion-forward (arguable) couture pajamas.

If you want to buy it (take a hard look at yourself), you can here.


1 comment:

  1. I have to say I did buy a bomber jacket for the elf at our house. I got it 90% off at Target after Christmas. My son loves it and asked if the elf is going to wear it when he comes back this year.


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