Sentiment & Sea Glass

10/12/2016 10:52:00 AM

Someone told me recently that I was a very old soul.

And I can't tell you how much that pleases me.

While I am a Belieber, I also loved watching M*A*S*H* and Cheers and I adored John Mellencamp when he still utilized and promoted, the "Cougar" in his name. (Which I still think he should use.)

I love a story.
I love an emotional tie.

I love a "why."


Some say that nostalgia is the yearning for what once was.

This isn't accurate in my world; nostalgia is about remembrance of what once was; not the desire to live in that world again.


When Craig and I first moved to Cabo, we'd spend our Sundays at the beach looking for sea glass. (I know. It sounds like a sappy romance novel; but we seriously DID that. I'll leave out how much both of us hate sand in ours cars and how the sand was an emotional and physical struggle for us on a weekly basis. #realLife)

That said, we'd be walking across the hot sand, necks and heads pointed toward the ground, hoping to stumble across a magical piece of sea glass glistening just waiting for us to reach down and snag it before the water wisked it away.

Boom! We'd find a beautiful turquoise or light blue piece of smoothed perfection... and it was a treasure. We'd pick it up, take it home and add it to our glass collection.


That's how these connections are with the sounds and the shows of my childhood.

All of a sudden I'll be moving along with my day and I think of something funny Norm on Cheers said. And I smile. And it takes me back to sitting in my Dad's lap watching TV and snuggling into him. a bright spot in my day. A treasure.

Or, when I hear Dorothy deliver a sharp quip to Blanche on the Golden Girls I think of how I'd lay on my Grandma's floor on my stomach, chin in my hands at least two feet away from her console TV, lest I go blind from being to close... and the little snicker my Gram would let out... because come on. The Golden Girls are gold.

I'm thankful for these pieces of sea glass in my day.


If getting older means more nostalgia, bring it.

I've got sentiment and sea glass for miles.


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