Surprise of the Century Revealed: Let's just say, dreams DO come true.

9/26/2016 11:40:00 AM
There's the day you got your driver's license.
The day you graduated from college.
There's the day you got married, or bought your first house!
Oh, then there's the day that you first held your sweet baby...

...for me?

I'm looking forward to NINE DAYS FROM NOW when I will be STANDING NEXT TO LIONEL RICHIE in Vegas for a MEET & GREET.

Mic dropped.

You guys, Lionel Richie.

 I pretty much don't even have words.

We bought the tickets back in June?

I searched all summer for the perfect dress.
(Or do I just wear this shirt?)

I decided on the dress.

We leave next Tuesday.

I see him Wednesday.

My life will be pretty much complete by Wednesday late night.

[I'm shaking my head as I type because I just can't even wrap my brain around the awesomeness of this.]

You guys.

I don't have a bucket list, but if I did...


What will I say to him?

I have no idea.

What will we talk about?

I don't even know.

Will we hug?

We had better.

Why do I love him?

Because. Because of Motown. And The Commodores. And my childhood.

Now what?

What do you mean? What else is there?



  1. What else is there....NOTHING!!! Oh you are one LUCKY gal!!! Have fun and please whisper in his ear....that I adore him toooooo!!!

  2. So awesome!!! Very excited for you!!! Definitely make sure you post outfit pics!!!

  3. You are so lucky!!! You know I love him too and listen to him DAILY!!! I'm so happy for you!! Can't wait to see pics. :-0


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