Life in photos. School starting, toothless grins, Baby Shirley and a quick hurricane.

9/07/2016 09:58:00 PM
It's been a busy couple of weeks.

Allow me to recap it for you in a series of quick photos and quips.


Vivienne made a heart meatball. Actually, I think Lila did but Vivi wanted to be photographed with it.



Lila taught herself how to braid.


The one on the left is now a second-grader and the one on the right is now a kindergartner.


Our family took a selfie.


This guy turned 28.



The fam went out for dinner in celebration of Guapo's birthday.

As you can tell, it was early.

That's how we do.

(Obviously Baby Shirley attended.)


I made banana bread because that's what you do when you have 3 over-ripe bananas.

I added zucchini, much to the complaints of the younger members of our family. They clammed up after I reminded them that they liked zoodles.



National Dog Day came and went.

These two, the furry ones, are by far the easiest of our children to handle.

You put food out, water out and pet them.

Does it get any easier?

No flashcards, no ear infections, no time-outs, no backtalk.

Dogs are where it's at.


So, Vivi acted like Vivi.


Vivi got sick.

She missed 3 days of her second week of kindergarten.

...but I got to hold her like a baby in the chair I rocked her and her sister in when they were babies.

So there's that.


We went out to a fancy dinner date night and I loved my dress and shoes, but I loved Vivi's smile more.


There was this stunning sky.

I mean, whoa, sunbeams.


Vivienne felt better and had to get back to work "being a Mom."

(She wears jean shorts everyday because, "That's what Moms wear. That and sports bras.")

I love her.


I bought the most beautiful hydrangea blooms and got to use my new vase that I lugged back from Ohio in my carry on.

Look out Martha Stewart.

Look at that.


I thought I found my sister's dog that went missing a year or so ago when I was driving around San Jose.

Turns out I almost stole someone else's dog.


These two.

Their love of "small things" makes me so happy.

My Mom loved miniature things and so do I.


I wore a halter.

And I will not wear it again.

I hate halters. Bad decision. I didn't feel like me all day and I couldn't wait to take it off.

(Who wants this shirt?)


I stumbled across this picture of Lila (a year and a half old) holding her baby sister.

Dear ovaries.


Ferg and Millie got haircuts.

And it exhausted them.

(I prefer the shaggy look, but it's dog abuse to do that here with the weather being in the 90's.)


The girls and I decided to re-enact that great photo.


We saw this piece of fall decor at the store.

Lila said, "Oh, we need this. You can put your limes in that part right there."

My sweet daughter. Yes, limes DO need a specific container. How DARE we put a tea light in that space. IT IS FOR LIMES.



Lila's teeth...

She's lost a jillion and has four more loose.

She has one that is SCREAMING to come out of her mouth, but she repeatedly tells us, "I've got it under control. Don't worry about it."

I'm not kidding. It's MOVED in her mouth and is actually attempting to JUMP out.


Vivi is continuing to explore new ways to baby wear Shirley.


Craig and Lila cooked from a cookbook that Lila "rented" from her school library.

It was crescent roll pizzas.

I'll be honest, they were great.


Pre-Hurricane smiles.

Yes, there was a stupid hurricane.


Here's Lila with her "goodluck coconut."

We think her collection of GLC's helped us with the events that greeted us earlier this week.


So, we had a terrible hurricane on Monday night.

I don't even want to talk about it.

I cannot keep doing these. I went through one Category 4, and reports vary about whether this was a category 1 or 2, still I think 95 mph winds are scary and I hate them. (Here's my post about the terrible category 4.)

We're fine.

Lila's 20-foot tree fell down, but we're confident it will grow again.

But seriously, the losing of the electricity, the 10-hours of wind WHIPPING our home, the preparation, the heat, the sounds... I can't even. And, Lila was awake during this one. Hurricane Newton was her "first hurricane" she says.


*Formal thank you to God right now for protecting us. THANK YOU.

That's it.


In other news, post-hurricane, Lila finished her first hard back chapter book EVER amidst the outdoor furniture that was indoors because of said hurricane.


This is huge for my little bilingual reader. YAY, LILA!


Today we went through the play room and got rid of 5 bags of toys (!!!) and the girls were able to see the toys that actually have so that they can play with them.

(I'm in a STRONG, "I am not buying you anything until Christmas" attitude right now. And, I've held staunchly to that everywhere we've gone since the end of August. That's pretty good for me.)

So, they played. And it was sweet.

 That's all that's been going on around here...


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  1. I was thinking of y'all as I watched the news about the hurricane. I actually did say a few prayers. Life moves so fast!!! It's crazy! I've been following you since Lila was a baby and now she's reading chapter books, that's so awesome!


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