2016 Emmy Fashion Recap | Red Carpet

Updated as of Monday September 19th at 11:03 a.m MT. I forgot Kerry Washington!

Ah, the 68th annual Emmys. I am so pleased that it's fashion season yet again. Wah-who! More importantly, I am so excited not to see any chokers. (It's important to be grateful for the small things.)

Next, did Did Jimmy Kimmel call Donald Trump's wife, "Malaria" instead of "Melania" during the monologue. Tee hee.

Shall we dig in?


So I started watching Stranger Things and I honestly wish I loved it.

Eh. Whatever. But I honestly think Winona Ryder is phenomenal. Whoa. (I loved her as Lydia in Beetlejuice.)


I  absolutely love my best dressed so much that I seriously am DYING and just want to get it out of the way. But, I won't.

So, why don't we start with Tina Fey. Eeeee! She looks WONDERFUL! Ya'll, she's not wearing black! I love it. She looks beautiful and quite frankly, I'd wear this in a heart beat to dinner.

(I wish she would have skipped the green earring. Too matchy-matchy.)

Not so great was Amy Poehler.


I think Maggie Smith (the Dowager) from Downton Abbey even said, "No gracias" to this one from her stylist.

Amy. Oh, Amy. This Pamella Roland is just not great. Frumpy.

So, I want so badly to love Amanda Peet's gown - I'm sort of digging the Nashville/Opryland country influence, but I seriously cannot abide yellow and black together.

It's an allergy.

I just don't love it.

America Ferrera, well I just don't love this, but slip dresses are in.

When Giuliana was interviewing her on the red carpet, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was.

I think she is stunning.

And, she did a triathlon the day before, so I love that.

I could never wear this because I have no discernible waist, but I think Anika Noni Rose in this Tadashi Shoji gown looks lovely.

This seems like something an angel would wear and who wants to say something mean about an angel?

Not me. I don't need that on my shoulders.

Abigail Spencer is wearing this Jenny Packham gown and I'm ok with it.

The ruffles are young and, but then again... this is VERY Loretta Lynn. Eh.

It's pretty eh.

Julie Bowen does not look like she's pleased to be there tonight. Eek.

(Her Lela Rose gown is gorgeous. I loved the back. Ruffles. I do love the ruffles.)

Unfortunately this little lady got into a fender bender and injured her neck (#whiplash) on her way over to the Emmy's, fortunately her neck supported her injury.

Hate this.


Can't... breathe...



Everything is just so severe.

I love that Laura Caramichael just had fun.

Love it.

My Lila would TOTALLY wear this.

Emmy Rossum looks very pretty but this DRESS IS SO BORING.

I wore a [far more modest] version of this to my Senior Banquet in high school.

And I looked just as boring, however my wrist corsage was pretty amazing.

(The baby's breath brought the look home.)

I'll be honest, I like the styling.
I like the dark lips.
I like the hair pulled back.

That's all that I like.

Too much happening here, friends.

Too much.

Back to work.

Moving on.

Niecy Nash looks stunning.

I love all of this. Her hair is amazing. The dress is incredible. She looks amazing.


When I was 19 I bought some "snakeskin" pants from Express. They were 100% synthetic, were high-waisted and flared at the bottom.

I wore them a lot.

Around that time I was also wearing a lot of vests.

[shakes head]

This is the 2016 version of my outfit.

I'm both on board and scared at the same time.

My love for Tracee Ellis Ross and Blackish runs deep. (Best.sitcom.on.TV. Are you watching it? WHY aren't you?)

She looks beautiful and stunning and I love her.

I will say nothing against her.

Um, whatever.

Sofia Vergara's gown is fine. I don't love it. I just... whatever.

I mean, it sort of looks like she's on "fire" which we all knew.

This is not "news." We know she's hot.

The sky is blue.
And Sofia Vergara is hot.

Enough. I'm bored.

Whoa. Emilia Clarke looked incredible.

I honestly cannot even FIND anything negative to say.

I love nude gowns.

Anthony Anderson reminds me of my brother and I love him.

He looks adorable.

Un, so Angela Basset is timeless...

love this color on her. I can't get over how much yellow was at the Emmys this year. Insane.

Bananas all over the place.

(Wait, that sounded bad.)

More yellow!

Ellie Kemper looks ASTOUNDING.

We're not even going to talk about how she had a baby in August because that's more pressure than anyone needs.  Still, she wears this gown well. Gorgeous.

I love Allison Janey and I think she looks stunning.

I might have taken up the top a bit; it just seems rather... loose.

Perhaps we should just tighten that up a bit.

Amy Landecker tried something.

And... I love that.

It's just the tea-length that kills me.

If this was was significantly longer or significantly shorter, it would be significantly more acceptable to me.

P.S. Bad shoes.

Ariel Winter is wearing an ice skater outfit.

Every year, there's one.

I love that I haven't been disappointed.


(I applaud tradition. It makes me feel comfortable.)

I love Aziz.

He looks pretty Boogie Nights, doesn't he?

I don't love it.

Truth? I think that Connie Britton looks lovely. It's perfectly age-appropriate and it's flattering.


I'm bored.

This does not look comfortable.

Not in any way, shape or form.

I can't get behind this.

And I'm pretty sure I couldn't get in it.


And here we have the tea-length again.

I find it acceptable with the younger set.

Emily Robinson looks great.

I may make this next picture my new profile picture.

Go ahead. Caption it.

This is seriously me all.of.the.time.



"Shut up."

I love Gaby Hoffman.

(P.S. I am serious, please tell me what you think Gaby is saying.)

This reminds me of something that the Project Runway kiddos have to design.

"Here. You get one hefty bag, a sharpie, a roll of duct tape and three staples. Make a gown."



This little cutie pie looks so happy to be wearing this.

I love it.

But the belt didn't work.

She does not looks hard core.

Get rid of it. ASAP.

I cannot get over the shoes.

I love Jane Krakowski but I can't handle this. 

The gown's color, let's call it lapis, is stunning, but it just went no where good after the top.




Is anyone as creeped out by this photo as I am?

(Assuming all non-scientologists are raising their hands right now.)


Is that Tom Cruise hiding in Kelly Preston's hair?

Joanne Froggatt is pretty.

She looks lovely.

And I am grieving the loss of Downton Abbey.

Judith Light looks so pretty.

Let's take a moment to sing the Who's the Boss theme song?

There's a time for love and a time for living. You take a chance and face the wind. An open road and a road that's hidden A brand new life around the bend. 
There were times when I lost a dream or two. Found the trail, and at the end was you. There's a path you take and a path untaken The choice is up to you my friend. 
Nights are long but you might awaken To a brand new life, Brand new life, Brand new life around the bend.

Oh you guys.

Did you watch the Emmys?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus lost her Dad on Friday.  (The same day we lost my Gram.)


My heart goes out to her.

I was so excited to see Kate McKinnon win. I love her.

She looks beautiful. I wish they would have tailored her gown a bit more around the waist, but beautiful.

P.S. I love Kate as Justin B.

Velvet? Check.
Lace? Check.
On trend for fall? Check.

Kathryn Hahn looks so pretty. I, myself, don't do velvet. But I live where it's eternally 90 degrees, so that wouldn't be appropriate.

I don't know who Keltie Knight is, but she's kind of flawless.


I mean, if you're going to wear yellow, wear it like that.

Warning: there should be some sort of camera (or maybe a friend?) who can say to someone wearing yellow or gold, "Hey... maybe you should ease up on the spray tan?"

This beautiful woman on the borderline. But seriously, she looks lovely.

Kirsten Dunst looks beautiful.

I really do love this.


So Laverne Cox brought it.

Whereas all that I usually bring is a moderate wedge and a top knot.

She wins.

Speaking of top-knots, this doesn't bother me.

This is fine. It's young and cute and fine.

I really like Mandy Moore. I just don't think that this gown does her justice. 

It's too juvenile.


And it goes without saying (but still, I'll say it...) I hate the neckline.

So at each awards show there's always an ice skater outfit and there's always a bridemaid.

Maura Tierney was the bridesmaid.

She was gifted those earrings. From a bride. To wear again. Never.

This dress is so tight that I am having a hard time breathing.

Minnie Driver looks really great, but I mean, we don't need to see all of her parts.

It's ill-fitting.

This is not the best she could look.


I love when people wear capes.

Capes mean, "I'm regal."

Capes mean, "I am fancy."

Capes in September in California also mean, "I am so hot I may die."

It's fine.

I don't love it, I don't hate it.

I am pretty much in love with Portia Doubleday's look.

She's very Mad Men. (I miss that show.)

I love that her arms are covered. The dress is long... you don't need to show it all. She's very clearly showing enough.

Excellent restraint.

And this, friends, is how I wish I woke up every morning.

All ready to conquer the world.

So here's Robin Wright Penn, can you even imagine Clair Underwood wearing this?

Yeah, the bracelet...

...the bracelet was too much.

Not the whole look or anything...

So they say that bad company corrupts good character.

It appears that Stacy London has been hanging out far too frequently with her victims on What Not to Wear.


Somebody just lost ALL credibility.

Look at how GREAT Michelle Dockery looks in Oscar de la Renta!

This is by FAR the best she's ever looked!

How absolutely ADORABLE is Yara Shahidi? I adore her. Age appropriate and adorable.

She is beautiful.

So, now let's talk about what I really didn't like.

The only person who should EVER wear this is Goldie Hawn.


This is just bad.

Here's Sarah Hyland and I think it's a cute concept. But the black leggings/pants? I just don't understand.

This is strange.

I keep shaking my head.

So Anna Chlumsky is pregnant...

...but I just don't think that fluffy taffeta is the way to go.

This isn't good.


And, for my LEAST favorite outfit of the night...

...it's just too easy...

It's Heidi Klum. Duh.

Just take a moment to really soak it all in.

And then sigh, close your eyes, and say a prayer that your child never wears that to Prom '2018.

And now, my faves!



Oh you guys, I loved Giuliana Rancic's ethereal gown. The cape, the color, the cut. LOVED IT.

The hair? 


But I'm not even looking at is because I'm so in love with the gown.

Next? Constance Zimmer.


It IS cute.

This whole look is adorable.

The cute little bangs, the print / embroidery. Ya'll this is different and this is gorgeous. I love it. Constance looked amazing.

Kerry Washington looks absolutely stunning in this Brandon Maxwell gown.


I loved this.

Gasping at Sarah Paulson in this gown.


Now this is what Robin Wright Penn should have worn. I love the color. I love the cut. I love all of this.

AND, here is the BEST DRESSED.

Oh you guys, I am SO IN LOVE with Kristen Bell's Zuhair Murad gown.

The entire look is perfection: her hair, her makeup. EVERYTHING.

In. Love.

(You know I love a print / color.)

So, what did  YOU think?



  1. Kristen Bell, yes. Michelle Dockery was stunning. Laura Carmichael looks way cool, I dig that dress. My favorite though was Keri Russell. I love different and interesting and her dress was those things. I totally loved it.

    Judith Light is to be commended. She looked great.


  2. Kristen Bell OWNED IT. GORGEOUS.

  3. If you don't follow Kristen bell on Instagram you should. She's hilarious and gave a funny tip about how to pull off that dress...

  4. Anna Chlumsky is not pregnant although she had a baby a couple months ago. At least that's what they said on E fashion police? :-)

    Regardless she looks awful.


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