To my Baby Daddy

6/19/2016 05:00:00 AM

I'm not sure how it is in other houses, but in mine, the Daddy is IN it.

The man I married has changed as many, if not more, diapers than I have. (Seriously.)
The man I met when I was 17-years-old tag teams with me on a regular basis. School drop-off, pick-up, you name it.
The man I met who makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world, builds his girls up... and tells them that they're strong, smart, beautiful and that they can do anything... daily.

I think you were born to be surrounded by ladies, sweet man.
You play along, you're stern.
You laugh and joke, but you correct.
You encourage and expect much.
You cuddle and play.
Your fix and you teach. 

You're mirroring to them just what a real man is. And truth? I feel for them... because they're going to be hard-pressed to find a Craig of their own. No one will measure up to you.

I can see it now... "But, my Daddy... he's... well, he's incredible... and you? You're not."


They're in love with you and in awe of you.
You can fix anything. And right now, there's such an incredible naïveté and sweetness to the whole thing. I hope they never lose it.

They want to please you; to make you proud.
They want you to call out what they've done. And, I love witnessing your approval. I can see the joy and pride in their faces; it means so much.

To them, you're the strongest, most important, most pivotal man in the world.
They hold you in the highest of esteem... as they should.
They cannot imagine that there's anything in life that you can't fix.

Just as it should be.

All of this makes my heart swell because I know how resolute and solid your love for them is.
They're your girls and you are here to protect and love and teach and grow them.

I don't tell you often enough, but Craig?

You are doing such a good job.

Sweet man, you're the best of the best.
I am honored that I get to walk this parenting road with you.

I love you.
They love you.

Happy, happy Father's Day.



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  1. He sounds like good peeps! I lucked out similarly in the husband/dad department. <3


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