SEVEN. YEARS. OLD. Happy Birthday, my Lila.

6/21/2016 05:01:00 AM

Oh, Lila.

Where do I begin, sweet Lila.

Lucky number 7.

I cannot believe that today is the day you turn 7. A friend of mine told me that in France, this age is called, "l âge de raison" because they believe that seven is the age of increased reasoning, "when the child will start arguing more with the parents, becoming smarter... in fact, she may even win some of the arguments."

When she told me this I smiled.

Yes. And yes again. That's precisely where we are.

There's a lot of talking these days... many negotiations.

Still, even for a 7-year-old, there's thought behind your words, Lila.
You're intentional.
And you're learning that not everything in life is easy.

You're not a big fan of injustice, of anyone being left out, or even playing the board game Sorry! (Lest you put someone back in their base.)

I always say that you're just a sweet soul.

Because you are.

Let me paint a picture of Lila Ross as I see you, right now:

• You're kind and loving and whimsical. You love hugs and you lean into them. You adore when someone compliments you or tells you how much you mean to them. You're pretty great at giving compliments, too. Especially when people need them most.

• You love pink. And purple. And high heels. And you still love horses and unicorns.

• And you love math. (Seriously.)

• You flow when you walk. You literally move your hands as if you were dancing in a ballet. (I love it.)

• You don't love homework, but you do it. Usually happily.

•  You glide through the pool and are insanely beautiful at swimming.

•  Still, you trip over your feet and fall... a lot. We blame it on, "sticky carpet." It's cute and it keeps you human.

•  You love to read. It's your current passion and you can read in two languages, which blows my mind. We've watched your passion grow and we've watched your confidence grow and I have to tell you, it pleases me.

• You ADORE your Daddy. He's pretty much your everything.

• You also love shopkins (these little, tiny plastic food replica toys that really serve no function except to bring you joy.) You also love a good, big box.

•  You still sleep with Petal. You still rub her arm against your lips.

• You love to dance. You love to sing. You love crafts.

•  Speaking of cooking, you cook daily in "The Chocolate Factory." This is something that sort of came about this past year. You and your sister have created a "kitchen" in the downstairs portion of your outdoor playhouse/swing set. You dig in the dirt and then proceed to "cook" You make a lot of things that include the terms: "chocolate ganache" and "chocolate filling." (You're inspired by the shows Cupcake Wars and Chopped! Kids.) You actually wake up, get dressed and go play in the chocolate factory for hours. (HOURS.)

We have so many holes in the grass of our yard. I even had to institute a ban on digging up my flower pots.

• You also love to "cook" in the real kitchen, specifically baking and cooking eggs -- though, you're at the point that you help with everything. You're a little nervous about being near hot pans, but you're handling it.

(Removing hot things from the toaster is a little nerve-inducing for you, too. You use a pot holder.)

• You will try anything. For your birthday dinner you want to go to Nick San for sushi. For your birthday cake you want an in ice cream cake, consisting of chocolate cake, dulce de leche ice cream and crushed oreos on top.

•  You love school... (you're just about to finish up your 1st grade). You especially love your favorite class, which is "Ecologia." (Ecology.) All week you make sure we save our fruit and veggie scraps so that you can take them to school to feed the farm animals or to add to the school compost bin. You honestly have an extra pep in your step on Thursdays just for this reason. You LOVE the "dia del composta."

•  Ohio and Disneyland are your two favorite places, and, anywhere family is, really. You also love the library at school. (You even received a reading award this year.)

•  You still classify all of our family friends as cousins and I haven't had the heart to explain to you how exactly cousins are cousins. I mean, what's wrong with loving everyone?

• You're thoughtful. You write little notes all the time and leave them all over the house.

• You still regularly confuse your b's and d's and your p's, q's and g's. But I get it -- all these languages, all these letters, all these sounds. They're tough to write.

• You love Fergie and Millie, riding your scooter and talking. And going out to fancy dates with us.

• You have no front teeth, another loose front tooth and a missing one on the bottom. We have virtually no understanding as to how you eat.

• You often complain about your sister, but when she's not home or when you're not allowed  to play together, you can barely stand it. You NEED her.

Sweet Lila,
You're just kind. I'm proudest of you when I see you be you.
I've noticed that you've become so thoughtful this year. You bring in the groceries without being asked. You put away the dishes. You carry in my purse. You are always looking for ways to help.
That makes me so proud.

When your sister is sad -- you go to her and you hug her and you hold her. (When she'll let you.)
You're always, always, ALWAYS looking out for her.

And your fashion NEVER disappoints. The other day you said to me, "I think we like different things, you and I."


Tee hee... So it begins. "The age of Reason..."

You're still introverted, but in the last year, you've grown and come out of your shell a bit.
You're cautious and I love that about you.

You've grown so much in a year...

I feel like in the last year our conversations have shifted too, my Lila.
We talk. We really talk.
You tell me how you feel, you offer differing opinions, you stand up to me.

Just tonight during homework you told me that, "We are all different because God made us differently and I do things the way I do things."

In other words, "Let me be me, ok?"

And that budding faith of yours? LOVE it. Jesus means so much to you. You've learned so much this past year. I'm so proud of you.

Boom. So there you have it.

A strong, independent lady. JUST what I wanted and apparently just what seven-years-old brings.

(Wearing lipstick for her school production last Friday.)

 We love you so very much, Lila Ross. We're so proud of the strong little lady you are.

Happy birthday, Sweet Pickle.

3 years ago

Last night

You'll always be my baby.



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  1. Good Lord....she looks like Clo in the last pic! And like you in her school picture.

    I miss you guys so much. Happy Birthday sweet Lila. I love you.


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