Alright, alright. Is this acceptable? Let's talk rompers.

6/01/2016 10:01:00 PM
I do not own these. However, back in the 90's, I'm certain I had a bunch of this floral goodness. (And that hat.)

A while back I bought this denim-y, palazzo-pants, romper thing.

By, "a while back" I mean, a couple of months ago.

I took it home.

I tried it on in front of the husband (whose opinion I do value)... and he was like, "Eh. It doesn't do anything for you."

Disclaimer: I asked him for the truth.

So, back into the bag the one-piece outfit went. (Next? I texted the girl at the boutique where I bought it and told her I had to bring it back... There aren't a lot of shopping options here in Cabo, so you make friends with the boutique owners so that they text you when they get new inventory. #RulesForLivingInCabo)

That said... a few weeks went by... I put got it out of the bag... all wrinkly... and I tried it on again... and I was like, "Yeah... well... I like it..."

Did I wear it?


Have I worn it?


Did I try it on again today?



(Ignore my hair.)

1. It's denim. (I like the denim. I always have.)

2. I understand that this would be more ideal on a taller person.

3. I realize it may look a little... strangely conservative.

4. And I realize it sort of looks like a big onesie.

So all that said.

The tags are still on it.

(I know it's wrinkly.)

What are your thoughts?

(I know you probably won't want to tell me if you think it's ugly. I'll just assume that your lack of a comment means, "No, Kylee. It doesn't do much for you...)


I don't want to look like the two lovely ladies at the top of this page.


Finally, I would also like to submit to the jury this piece of evidence:

Found on You can preorder it for $450.

(She's clearly taller than I.)

So, I think I may be taking the tags off. Or wont I?

I might be ready to commit. Or not.


And that's all.



  1. I personally think you are of the type that can pull anything off. Like, really, a trash bag would look good on you. ;) So, I would say it's not what the outfit does for you, but what you do for the outfit.

    You wear things well. Period.

    1. You are kind. I wish it was cuter. Craig says I look like a box. I just like that the legs are flouncy when I move. :)

  2. Honestly it's not so great. I love rompers and own a few cotton ones that I wear around the house and backyard. The top of it is super cute front and back, the bottom not so much. Maybe because the bottom half reminds me of the shorts my grandma used to wear in the summer?

    1. I smiled when I read this. I love the, "'s not so great." THANK you for your honestly. And your Grandma's shorts? They sound like they were awesome. Lol.

  3. I agree with Summer that you of all people can probably pull off any look! I love rompers and especially the top of this one! It really flatters you....the bottom is just eh. It almost looks too big around your waist and hips, like it would show your shape more and balance the baggy legs if they waist/hips were tighter. With that, I do think it's cute and would look better with dainty heels to add height. I say if you like it, rock it!

    1. YOU are also sweet, (like Summer.) I agree... I wish the legs were shorter? Or something? It's a bad length on short people. And I agree... something to add height is necessary.

  4. I am the jumpsuits biggest fan. I LOVE them. I love 95% of this. There just seems to be something a tad off in the middle portion. However, that being said, if you wear a nice pair of heels with this, I think that portion would be minimized. And, if you like it and feel confident in it, no other part of it matters. So I say keep it, just style it up!

    Also, I think you should buy the white one! I heart that majorly.

    Love your hair. I know it's not your favorite, but I think it's great!

    1. I've been dying for your thoughts. I keep thinking that if I got the straps shortened...juuuuust a bit it would help. But really? How much do I want to invest in this denim box?

      You're absolutely right - heels would be a necessity. And I told Craig this morning that when I'm m-o-v-i-n-g around in it, it doesn't look so bad. (He rolled his eyes.)

      Did you see the COST of the white one? Only $450.

      (Thanks for the hair compliment. I'm content* with the length right now. It's grown a bit.)

      *Not thrilled, content

    2. (So... would you wear this? I could bring it to you...)

  5. Typed a comment ... blog ate it. Or maybe I ate it, I've been snacking all day. (Gotta grab the water bottle.)

    I say no.
    I'm no fashionista, though.

    It feels too big for your small frame. It needs to be taken in at the waist, the straps thinned out in the back, and the width of the pants probably needs to come in, too.

    You get lost in this romper.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts. I can concur with the getting lost in it.

      I'm nodding...

  6. You are so cute and it looks like you have a great figure -- although it is hard to tell in this outfit -- which is the main reason I think this does not work for you. It is just too overwhelming on you. I completely understand the desire to feel the flowy material... but a dress or skirt would give you that and be much more complimentary.
    Also, when an outfit gives me this much pause, I think that is a good indication that on some deeper level I know it is not right for me!

  7. I'm for it. I agree with the other comments that you can wear anything and ROCK it. And while it might not do a ton for you in one specific way, I honestly don't think it takes anything away from you either - like, at all. I couldn't see the detail on the front but am wondering what a wide, chunky colorful belt might do. Match with heels and you're good to go. Seriously, I say yes.

  8. I like it...a lot. With high strappy sandals and some fun funky jewelry I think it would be totally different and easy to see how cute it is. When you look at any piece of clothing in it's simplest state, there isn't much to "feel"

    With that said, I would be so for the comfort and swingy ease of this, with the exception of getting totally undressed to go to the bathroom.


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