Things I know for sure.

5/16/2016 08:59:00 PM

1. Food of my youth no longer tastes good now.

Case in point: pop tarts, Kraft Mac&Cheese and a chicken nugget of any type.

I'm still not willing to test out dunkin' sticks. (Remember those?) What if I don't love them???


2. When you have a problem, always supply a solution.

Years ago I worked with a guy who basically said, "You can complain about anything here... just have a solution as to how we can improve."

This pretty much works in all circumstances. Like when you write your child's school administrator at 5:00 a.m. because you just read an article about how copious amounts of homework for primary-aged students has proven no scientific benefit.

(I'm that Mom.)

Note: Backpacks with wheels annoy me.

3. Keep at least one alive plant in your house at all times. 

Make that plant an orchid, if possible.

My current orchid. Jem is her name.
4. I need to get off of my phone.

I don't want my kids to draw a portrait of me checking my facebook account or my IG feed. I need to work on that. I need to be more present.

5. It's ok to hate kale.

Kale is stupid. I read somewhere that it's going to be a scary day when all kale-lovers realize that it's really not any more nutritious than iceberg lettuce.

(Wouldn't that be funny?)

It's the kale-pocalypse.

6. I'm still willing to wear painful shoes.

I will still chose cute and semi-functional over comfortable and flat. I can't help it. It's who I am.

7. Suntans are not cool. Ever. At all. 

I have stayed out of the sun, faithfully, for a solid 9 years now. I urge all of you to do the same. SPF everyday, all day, ya'll.


8. "La paz empiece conmigo." / "The peace begins with me."

My girls learn this in school. In yoga. It applies to me. It applies to you. Gotta give peace in order to get it. Life's too short to be full of angst and high blood pressure.

Can I get a witness?

9. Everyone's doing the best they can. Well, most people.

There will always be people we don't understand. We offer them peace, and then we ignore them. I don't have time to engage, and neither do you. Instead, I like to surround myself with the people who get me. Selfish? Or realistic?

10. Bucket lists make me nervous.

I sometimes feel like a loser because I don't have an active bucket list. I think the truth is, having a "what to do before I die" list creeps me out.

What if you do it all?


11. Justin Timberlake is so cute.

And I will happily sing his little happy, clappin' hands, dancin' song all summer long.

It's my responsibility as an American.

(Be glad it's not a Miley Cyrus song.)

12. If you're not reading the Martha Stewart blog and you have a dry sense of humor, well... you're missing out.

What a gripping blog post title, no?

And... scene.


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  1. I still sneak a couple bites of Kraft Mac & Cheese when Keira begs me to make it for her. It's disgusting (in a good way). :-) I make a really good Mac & Cheese from scratch...It's Giada's 4 cheese recipe, so now she is spoiled. For some awesome reason my kids have never had homework! Now in 2nd Grade Henry has to write in his journal 4 times a week. That's it! I read that article too and agree it's too much for young kids. I hope your Administrator sees your point.


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