Learning Lesson for Kelly Ripa

4/20/2016 12:58:00 PM

I don't watch Live! With Kelly and Michael.

(When I was a tween, I did watch Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee... What? I watched all of the talk shows: Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Geraldo...)

That said, in a world so full of sad news (Trump winning the NY primary) I hopped over to people.com to check out what was going on in La-la land.

It appears that Kelly Ripa is FURIOUS, ya'll.

Piping-hot  mad.

Apparently her co-host, Michael Strahan is TAKING A JOB with GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

AND SHE IS NOT having that.

No one told her.
She's hurt.

She didn't go to work today and "doesn't plan on going in all week" (says a "source.")



Last I checked her name was Kelly Ripa and his name was Michael Strahan and Kelly makes the decisions in Kelly's life and Michael makes the decisions Michael's life.

Now, I don't know these two, as I stated previously, I do not watch the show, but this seems... catty at best.

When you decide to leave your job, sometimes it's not to spite the other person, it's actually because you have a better / newer / cooler opportunity or challenge offered to you.

And when you're the one that's left, sometimes you have to be the Miss America Runner Up EVEN when you don't want to. You've got to look beyond yourself and congratulate your friend on the new opportunity.

Not act like a toddler.


While this situation is just... stupid, I think it's a good life reminder. #teachableMoment

What others do is totally and 100% out of our control. All the time. Every time.

We have a choice: we can offer peace and kindness or we can be angry lunatics.

My guess is that angry lunatics are only hurting themselves*.


*Note: I have been an angry lunatic. I have (and still do) take on stress that doesn't rightfully belong to me and I literally have to make a consistent decision to be Elsa and let.it.go.

So, it's your call: be Elsa of Arendelle or Kelly Ripa of what once was Live! With Kelly and Michael.

I chose Elsa.



  1. AMEN! I love this. I love your attitude. We have to be happy for others when they are successful. It's so hard sometimes when your life isn't going the way you want it to. It's the person that can be happy for others when their life stinks that is the amazing human being...

    1. Oh my gosh, exactly. It's so hard to think beyond ourselves... especially when we're a teensy-bit (or more) envious...


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