Head scratcher. GEICO, you're killin' me, smalls.

4/17/2016 07:58:00 PM
I still have a few magazine subscriptions. (I like paper.)

I get Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Real Simple. Deep, I know.

So I see this ad on the inside back cover of Real Simple and my eyes are immediately drawn to the panty hose / nylons hanging from clothespins on a clothes line... and not in a great way.

I sort of tilted my head to the side and was like, "Eh? Really? Panty hose? Pink? What's going on here?"

I have pretty much no experience in my adult life with nylons or pantyhose. (It's hot where I live.)

Still, I got my fill of tights and hose between the ages of 4 and 17 when I was wearing shimmery "nude" for dance recitals. The truth is, coffee-colored legs with pale white skin is not natural.  I wish I had the photos here. Anywho...

So, I mean, I speak enough Spanish to not completely embarrass myself (I'm proud of my accent), but I don't really speak "nylons..."

I find it curious that GEICO decided to connect with me, a 36-year-old, educated, female consumer / reader of Real Simple, by communicating that they have been helping customers save money since 1936, "...that's before there were nylons."


Who cares?

Are you telling this because I'm a woman?

{eye roll}

I mean, do you really think that as a woman I instinctively know when bras were invited, when nylons came about and when corsets went out of style?

Do you think that I can only relate to you when you compare your product or service to clothing?


Don't insult me. Or my daughters.

If you want me to buy in to your service, don't try to convince me by using contrived and dated random "female" pop culture history. Maybe consider talking to me like you would a man -- with numbers and stats. And reason. And logic.

I mean if I don't understand, I can always ask my husband.



This is what I think about that:

Nice panty hose.


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