A peek inside. (And working part time = getting less done.)

4/05/2016 11:49:00 AM

I'm hungry.

I need to finish that poster I was designing for work.

I wonder how many steps I'll get in today?

This morning I asked Vivi if she heard herself sneezing all night long. (I heard her on the video monitor.) She responded with, "No. My ears were under the covers."

Swim class starts today. So did school. They're FINALLY back to school.

I'll run from work, pick up the girls at 2:00 pm - the we'll do homework, pay the phone bill and pick up some organic milk and more steel cut oats. I'm out.

We'll go to swim from 5-6.

Maybe we'll eat there? But, I did put some chicken in the crock pot with taco seasoning. So that'll be good.

Where's my water bottle?

I really need to try the teeth cleaning gel I got Ferg.


You guys, this is where my brain is at this very moment.
It's everywhere.

But it's not an, "I hate my life, this is crazy. STOP THE MADNESS" thing.

In truth, I um... well, I kind of like it like this.


My Mom used to constantly be in motion. I'd ask her to slow down, to stop, to just be with us.

She had a really hard time doing that because she was sick, she wasn't well -- and when you're physically not well, if you stop -- well, you fear you're going to have a really hard time getting back in the game again.

Me? Praise GOD I have no physical limitations that prevent me from standing still; from just being.

So, I go and go and go and go all day long and after school and at night... I'm trying to be more present.

That's why the blogging has been at a minimum.

Would I ever "close down" this blog?


I need it. (I have 3,000 blog post ideas in my brain at this VERY moment.)

But where I am in my life right now... well, it's busy. And while I wish I took more time for self-reflection, I don't. And that's ok!

No guilt.

I love where I am right now.
I'm busy. (I like busy.)


For a little while there, I was only working part-time. (From about mid-January to early-February.)

I thought I'd clean out the cupboard that is a wreck, that I'd organize the toys and that I'd finally write the emails that I'd been meaning to write.... but I didn't.

Free time = loss of productivity (for me).

It's incredible how silly I was. "I'll work part-time and get more done."

Um. No.

I worked part-time and got less done.

Now, I'm back to working full-time-ish (Approx. 9 am - 2, mas or menos), plus my coaching and I'm back on my game and I feel like me. I need the schedule.

 I need  the To Do list.

So, I prefer less to call it a propensity for mayhem and more of an appreciation of the fullness of life.


I'm off - I have a meeting in 15 mins.


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