What? This is a thing? Peep wreaths?

3/24/2016 08:27:00 PM
I'm pretty much the anti-DIYer.

I don't regularly watch HGTV.

In the past 10 years, I have not sanded anything or distressed anything.

I have not paper mached anything, either.

I only pin food on pinterest. And words.

I don't plan on ripping up the tile in my house, learning how to lay new tile and coordinating the grout with my wall color. I don't plan on painting a wall anytime soon.

I just don't. (That's what Craig does.)

Do I fault these people?

I just keep the bar set at "moderate" for myself when it comes to crafts and the like. Not too high, not too low. And creating wallpaper out of leaves and petals I flatten and iron is just too much for this girl.

That said, have you seen this?

This is a thing.

Peep wreaths are a thing. Google it.

There's even a youtube video.


Too much free-time happenin' in the world, friends.

Too much free time.

*I apologize if you have a peep wreath and I offended you. As one of my peeps, definitely not my intention. But a peep wreath? Where does it end?

A Jelly bean lamp?

Skittles light-switch covers?

Twizzlers tea cozies?

I can't.



  1. I'm not hating on it. :=) I don't eat peeps (too gross) but I'm all for crafting with them. Some people are VERY bored apparently. lol

  2. That's so sick. So am I supposed to walk past and take one off and eat it? Or use it to attract insects in my house??? No. Just no.
    (You should see all the nasty time in my house lol)


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