1/01/2016 05:24:00 PM

Oh, sweet Two Pretzels blog... how I have missed you.

Many moons ago I started this blog because I needed an outlet. I wanted to be witty and whimsical and light. But this space became so much more than a quick joke or fleeting commentary.

I've gained friendships; true bonds.
I moved to a new country.
I tried to have a baby.
It finally happened.
And then surprise! I had another baby.
And then my Mom died...
And I wrote and I cried and I wrote more and those friendships, they sustained me. My supporters, my friends, my faceless commenters emailed me; they became as real to me as I was to them.

From start to finish, that period of my life altered me.

In the time since that loss, I've changed. I am no longer who I was before she left this earth in her car that Monday mid-morning on September 9, 2013.

I am Kylee before and I am Kylee now.

The time following her loss my blog became a more somber space. I couldn't non-chalantly write about my favorite mascara or my thoughts on the resurgence of flare jeans. I could only feel the weight of the world on my heart.

And then slowly...

...every so gently...

...the weight began to leave. The rock was rolled away by the strong arms of time, of love, of friendship, of prayers... The sun shined again.

Life went on. I found a rhythm and the "new normal' made it's way in. Still, I'm not the same.
My priorities have shifted... I think this happens to many.

What matters most in my life is and will continue to be my relationships. They're gold. They're more precious than anything. And in the past months, my collection of beloved treasures haven't been as acknowledged as I prefer.

So, with that said, I'm re-committing. Experience has demonstrated in my life, and I bet in yours, that this life is frightfully short. We must spend our time, we must expend our time on that which fulfills us and drives us.

I am looking forward to a 2016 filled with joy, with passion, with time spent being present.
I am looking forward to a 2016 where I grow and stretch and push myyself.
I am looking forward to a 2016 where I sit, relax, read, and just be.
I am looking forward to a 2016 full of rekindled relationships & friendships...
I am looking forward to a 2016 where I can write more. Where this space can be re-born.

We all need a new beginning every now and then.

Here's to renewal.

May 2016 hold for you joy, contentment, peace and dreamed set and attained.

Thank you for being here.



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