Kids Playroom Makeover: Our little surprise...

1/03/2016 11:07:00 PM

So, we have this little room at the top of our house. It's kind of random.

The little room has 9 windows, no air-conditioning and great natural light. It has a nice high ceiling, too. I considered it for my office, but wasn't sure how the internet access would be in our cement house. Weather-wise, it's ideal for about 8 months out of the year, but still - it had up until now held nothing but our collection of about 17 suitcases. (You think I jest. Each time we travel to the States I over-purchase, we under-pack and I have to buy a new Ricardo-brand suitcase from Costco. #Classy.)

So you exit a door on our second floor, walk through a short breezeway into this detached room.

The view isn't too shabby.

It was dirty and gross.

But still, The Husband thought we could do something cool with it. SO, we put our heads together, lightening struck, and we decided we were going to make our almost-5-year-old and our 6-year-old their own "Club House" and surprise them with it it for Christmas.

Caveat: we really didn't want to spend very much money on it. I mean, eh... I don't know about your kids, but my kids like boxes. They're happy with left-over yogurt containers. A lot of money = not necessary.

(Don't get me wrong, they would have loved iPad minis, but there's plenty of time for that later.)

So, the room was cleaned and Craig painted it.

We worked on it while they were sleeping or at school and this is what we came up with:

The butterfly mobile was a gift for Lila when she got her big girl bed from her Aunt T.
The table once belonged to my now 16-year-old niece and has been Lila's for years.
The kitchen and chairs we had. (Kitchen bought from Amazon when Lila was too teeny to reach the microwave.  Chairs bought from wayfair.)
The rug was once outside in our old house's courtyard.

We purchased the hooks from Home Depot for their dress-up clothes. The cool thing? They close up so that when not in use, they are streamlined with the wall.

We added some new play food from Costco.

The book ledge was once in our old house, in Lila's room. Craig made it years ago.

Craig's idea. Edging paper for them to color on attached to the table. (Unfortunately, we don't have big rolls of white paper here. #secondworldcountry.)

So he bought this dowel rod and attached it to the table.

The necessities.

The walls are white, but the background in the next two pictures look different.

I printed these out for free from the 'ole internet.

The feathers are for their Nana.

I wanted to make sure the girls had a cozy reading corner -- my Mom always did that for me in my room(s).

We bought some books from Usborne (LOVE THEM. The girls are THRILLED with them. Their lift the flap books are incredible: the human body, planets, etc. Nope, not a sponsored post.).

We also hung up a clothes line / art line. Vivienne hangs up her baby Shirley's clothes on it...

That's Lila's pretty well-used and loved chair and just some extra pillows we had lying around.

Another view.

I think maybe my Mom likes it...

So on Christmas morning, we opened gifts, hung out and played for a while... then we took them upstairs to show them their space. They immediately called it their "Club House."


And now?

It's loved and messy and they're happy.

So we're happy.


It's not about how much money you spend. It's about making cozy spaces, amen?



  1. This. is. so. great.

    What a special space you created for them!

  2. I adore this space and the love you put into it. I'm sure the girls are going to have hours upon hours of good times here!!

  3. I need you to design a Club House for me next!

    I love this! How special for them. They'll remember this FOREVER, Supermom! xoxo

  4. Oh for cool - I am So jealous of this space. Your girls will love it so much for years to come!!

  5. Everything about this is so lovely. An invitation to creativity. Amen.


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