Happy Birthday, Mom.

1/25/2016 08:01:00 PM
Happy birthday, Mom.

A lot has changed in this past year. I've made some changes. I've changed the day-in and day-out schedule of my life because I felt like I needed to. I needed to spend more time with the girls, Mom. For the first time in my life I did something that may "put me behind" the rat race because it felt right. It was the right thing to do for me; for my family. Life is short. Right, Mom?

I wanted so badly to walk through this path with you; ask your opinion then ignore it. [smile] Then ask it again. I wanted to hear, verbally, out loud, in plain English, "Kylee, you're doing the right thing. It sounds like a good idea to me."

Nothing used to settle my heart like hearing that...

I fought it for so much of my life. But the truth is, your approval has always mattered to me. You matter. You still matter.

And, even though you're gone, you're not. You're simply not.

You are in my heart and I am so happy that you were here.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for my sister. Oh, thank you for her.
Thank you for gifting us strength and courage and faith and tenacity.
Thank you for making us brave and strong. And funny. :)

As I get older, my respect for you grows more and more. And even though I can't hug you, my heart holds you close. Even though I can't eat crab legs with you today, I smile as I hear your name on the lips of your granddaughter.

Tonight I went to a paint party, Mom. One of those things where guests sit around painting their version of what the teacher has painted. I painted circles, because I hate hearts. And while we were painting, Danny's song came on. And I remember the years when we'd be driving in the car, windows rolled down, you singing, me rolling my eyes yet still humming along in my head...

"And even though we ain't got money
I'm so in love with you honey, 
Everything will bring a chain of love.
And in the morning when I rise,
Bring a tear of joy to my eyes,
And tell me, everything's... gonna be all right."

It's true, Mom.

Everything's alright.

Happy birthday, sweet little Mom of mine.
I love you to the moon and back a bazillion times.

Thanks for being mine. For always.

(I miss you.)


(The teacher's/template is on the left. Mine on the right. I call it, "Donut Heaven." Shirl did teach me to go my own way...)


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  1. I like your painting better! I keep dodging doing one of those paint classes, I'm SO BAD at anything artistic! I just can't and I would rather shop :) I can put together an outfit and accessorize, I can find the most amazing bargains! I have my talents, just not painting, drawing, singing or playing an instrument, I've accepted this.
    I love your posts about your mom. You remind me not to take anything for granted! I still need my Mom's approval. These past 2 years have been the best gift ever as my parents have allowed me the time to heal and recover in the safety of their house. The fact that Jack the dog gets spoiled rotten is awesome too!

  2. I like yours sooooo much better. It's really good! Your posts about your mom remind me to cherish mine. Sometimes she annoys me and I know that every moment is precious.

  3. Hugs, friend. Happy Birthday Shirley! Your painting is awesome Ky!


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