Let's play jail.

12/06/2015 11:16:00 PM
I'm not even really sure what to say about this.

The girls and I were shopping in Mega, our grocery store, and we happened down one of the toy aisles. The toy selection in Cabo is horrid. It's all obscenely over-priced and the toys are just sort, "eh." Literally, they'll charge you $30 for a Barbie doll that you can buy at Kroger in Ohio for $5. (I don't buy Barbies. FYI.)

In our home, we like Playmobils and legos a ton.

But this particular playmobil... well...

Something feels off.

This is  a jail.

It comes with a warden and a "criminal."

There are hand cuffs, a hand gun, what appears to be a beating stick, a semi-automatic assault rifle (I'm guessing?) and a megaphone (which did make me smile.)

I'm not sure what that grey board-like thing is under the megaphone. A computer? A keyboard?


So normally playmobils feature cool play scenes: like science labs or vet's offices or horse farms or bakeries.

This one is actually a playmobil wherein our kids are taught to learn profiling.


Apparently sleeveless skull t-shirts, two or more necklaces, facial [and chest] stubble and biker helmets = criminals.

Eyebrows may also be considered deviant.

Cargo pants? OFFENSIVE beyond belief. #fashion crime. (I'm actually ok with this one.)

Creepy though? The smile on the policeman's face whilst holding that gun.

The jail looks to have closed circuit TVs and also a cot and a toilet and sink.

So there are real-life amenities.

I'm not sure what this is demonstrating or if I can support it.

Is that a pirate? I mean that's a hat with a feather plume on it, no?

And a horse? There's a horse that comes with this?

How do those fit in? I'm confused.


In conclusion... this is strange.

That's all.



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