Oh my gosh, my heart is BURSTING. So much happy.

11/29/2015 11:33:00 PM

Thanksgiving was kind of a bust in our house.

Why? Well, 75% of us were ill.
Like flu-ill.
SO, there's that.

BUT! We're on the mend. Wah-who.

UGH. This was just ugh. #PlayRoomFlu




Remember how I told you about the loss of my old-school kindle? The one I used ONLY because it fit into the case that my Mom used to use with her old-school Kindle? I was super sad about it because I liked holding the case that my Mom held while reading, yadda, yadda...

Well, American Airlines has NOT returned it to me yet... (#shocker).

Instead, I bought a battery online for my Mom's old Kindle that I sort of absorbed from her after she passed. It's been dead since she died (is that weird to say?) and... guess what? Craig installed the new battery and...


My Mom's old-Kindle lives! It even has all of her books still on it.

We shared an account and I'd throw books that I read her way and she didn't always love my choices. I smiled, and laughed out loud, when I saw that she had a folder on her kindle called, "Crap books." I also smiled when I noticed they were two of my favorites.

Oh Shirley...

She was funny, that mother-o-mine.

That "Notorious Nineteen" title is a Janet Evanovich book that she was excited to read. I pre-ordered it for her. She died 2 months and 9 days before it came out. Sigh. When I hooked up her kindle to my wireless it delivered it. Sigh again...Those are the reminders that still get me...
SO, THANKS to the husband installing the new battery, I AM HOLDING MY MOM'S KINDLE WHEN I READ. It's sort of awesome that I forgot my old kindle on a plane because it made me figure out a way to use my Mom's.



POSITIVE THING #3: My Christmas tree is up. AND, it didn't take 4 hours to PUT it up.

Nope, The Husband knows I've been a bit stressed as-of-late, so he bought the fam a NEW tree (yay Costco) that came in THREE pieces (JUST THREE PIECES, YOU GUYS). It's my first foray into the pre-lit trees and it literally took no time at all to put up. We had the whole tree dressed in about an hour and a half.

"Oh, but Kylee... the putting up part is the best part... it's part of the process..."

And I'd reply with, "No. No, it's not the best part. I don't enjoy that."


The lights can be white, for Vivi and I...

That's Lila's "string of homemade paper "Christmas lights" draped between the two pillars.

Or full of colors, for Lila and Craig.

**Disclaimer: I totally prefer real Christmas trees, but I live in Cabo and it's hot here. The needles shed and dry out in pretty much no time at all. It's a battle I'm not willing to fight.


POSITIVE THING #4: There is a wonderful, kind and amazing woman in our lives. We call her Sweetie; so do many others. As Lila says, "It's because she really is sweet." (She is.)

Well, she and her equally kind husband, also our dear friend, dropped off soup for us tonight - because, as you read, we've been sick since last week.

She dropped off:
A jar of homemade chicken noodle soup for Lila - with carrots.
A jar of homemade chicken noodle soup for Vivienne - without carrots.
A jar of homemade soup without pasta for Craig and I.
A dish of pasta cooked in chicken broth on the side.
A jar of broth.
AND a dish of chicken salad. (Amazing.)
AND... mini muffins.

(I'm shaking my head. She's so wonderful. You have no idea.)

Anywho, Lila immediately felt ridiculously special that Sweetie made her a special jar of soup. She loved it and ate it immediately. And was THRILLED about the muffins.

Vivi, who had been sleeping for hours, woke up and was ELATED that her soup contained NO carrots and was JUST for her... she ALSO ate it immediately. Along with the muffins.

So, we made Sweetie Thank you cards... that Craig will be dropping off tomorrow. And I smiled when I read Lila's.


My little bilingual speaker.

Soup = "sup" 

Muffin = "Moefin"




My December challenge group starts tomorrow and I have 61 members in it. It's totally unlike any group I've done before. It's not just for people doing the programs I represent and love, it's for EVERYONE and it's all about motivation and clean eating and support and accountability.

I'm a little nervous, because it's different... but I'm a little EXCITED because it's different.

I'm EXCITED to start a group with folks who have been with me before in previous groups AND folks who are new.

I ADORE this process; watching people gain their footing, feel empowered and GROW. I love coaching.



GAH. I have the best husband, EVER.

I could go on and on, but I will say this: he's so kind, so thoughtful, so funny, NEVER self-serving and seriously can fix anything. (Literally and figuratively.) He has been INCREDIBLE during these past five-horrible-days of illness. (He started sneezing tonight and he's congested. Oh no. He may have succumbed...)

That said, marriage isn't easy. For anyone. But we do laugh a lot.

Tonight, this was one of our conversations:

Me: "I don't think that the gift that I want to get you for Christmas is available yet."

Craig: "Is it from the future?"

Me: "I think so."

Craig: "That's awesome. That makes me want it more."



This was all said completely non-nonchalantly. No raised intonation, nothing. He literally just asked, "Is it from the future?"

I married the right man.


And, scene.

Here's my tired, starting to get sick husband, holding Millie - the rescue dog who he didn't really want. (Let's be honest.)
That doesn't bother Millie at all because she has chosen him. She adores him.


(I'm learning this...)



  1. All of this makes me smile. A lot.

  2. Amazing that you have her kindle. I don't think you should take it anywhere.

  3. He he - crap books - that makes me laugh a lot. So glad you have Shirley's KINDLE.


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