MexMo: Cabo living

11/16/2015 10:18:00 PM

Was walking around in the grocery store (Mega) in Cabo (well, San Jose) Monday evening and the girls and I ran across this on-sale combo next to the dairy section.

(I almost made them pose next to it but paused for consideration... I decided no.)

So here you have it:

Only in Cabo would the grocery store pair selfie sticks with vodka.

Nicely done.

I think we all know that self-sticks and alcohol aren't the best combo (so said social media everywhere.)

And there you have it.


NOTE: You know how in the States you can go to Costco and get samples of dips and stuff? At the Costco in Cabo you can get tequila, vodka, whatev.



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  1. Our last visit to IKEA was FULL of selfie sticks. It was hilarious. "Why, I think I'll take a picture of myself next to this violet sofa." Hmmmmmmm. "I think I'll take another one and lay on the sofa." Double hmmmmmmm. I let my kids stare. Stare CLEARLY like to be stared at.


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