What they drew: Volume I

10/08/2015 09:40:00 PM

So as the girls were getting out of the car today after school pickup, Lila asked Vivi, "Do you want to go in the house and draw pumpkins and stuff? For Halloween?"

Vivi was like, "Yes. I do."


...we did our routine: changed clothes, washed hands, looked at homework...

I went back to the office and the girls were home with Craig.

He sent me a pic of Vivi's Halloween creation.

It was um... well... um... I mean...

[I'll get to it.]

Here are some of their "pumpkins and stuff" drawings.

This is a collaborative effort. Lila (6) drew it. Vivi (4.5) colored it.

I like the blush.

And here's Lila's solo effort.

Backstory: She brought the picture to Craig before the bat in the middle was drawn. There were just pumpkins at the bottom, and she asked him, "Are you scared?"

He said, "No."

He then suggested shemake a pumpkin with a scary face and she countered, "No... I'm not good at making scary faces."

(Lila does not like scary things. She can barely get through a Disney movie. In fact, the only movie she has been able to watch without closing her eyes is A Bug's Life. I love her heart. I digress. Per usual.)

Hence the happy bat.


...here's Vivi's drawing...


The one on left is a ghost.

Tee hee.

I'm still laughing.


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  1. LMFAO. I might have had a drink tonight. And oh my Lord, I am laughing REALLY hard right now.


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